Five Points Burgers (and Counting!), North Sydney

Five Points Burgers North Sydney

*Having worked in North Sydney, I know how hungry the lunch crowd can be. Especially come Friday lunchtime when you go out for something with your colleagues. Five Points burgers fills a yawning gap in North Sydney's food scene and dishes up just four types of burgers named after New York boroughs: Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. *

"I don't like the North Shore. I've only come here for you," says Belinda. It's true, the last time we crossed the bridge she freaked out and berated Mr NQN for "going underwater" but sometimes things like burgers can lure her across the bridge. And since 11:15am she has been waiting in her car awaiting Five Points Burgers to open.

Although the address is on Walker Street entry is on Berry Street in North Sydney and even though it opens at 11:30am, two men have been waiting since 10:45am for it to open. Sydney's lust for burgers knows no bounds and sure enough, even at 11:30am the crowd grows steadily.

Five Points Burgers North Sydney

There are four burgers on offer: two beef burgers, one chicken and one vegetarian burger. There's also a side order of fries. We ask for the most popular and they tell us that it is the Bronx burger. It seems crazy to come all the way so we order a few things to have at the same time. You can also order double meat for $3, extra cheese for $1 and bacon for $2.

Five Points Burgers North Sydney
Salted caramel milkshake $6.50

The shakes come in two sizes and even the small is a good size. One slurp into it and we know it's a goody, the salted caramel being just the right amount of salt and caramel that makes you want to finish it all but we refrain because we have burgers to eat!

Five Points Burgers North Sydney
Bronx $12.50

The Bronx has grilled beef, double cheese, tomato sauce, pickles, American mustard, aioli, bacon, onion jam and iceberg lettuce all on a soft bun. Once I sink my teeth into it I can see why they're popular. Firstly the juicy patty and double cheese and sauces ensure that this isn't a dry affair at all. Also there is a good amount of pickles in this and the bacon and onion jam add a little bit extra to this burger. Before I know it, it's all gone.

Five Points Burgers North Sydney
Queens $11

The Queens burger has a grilled chicken breast, bacon, cheese, tomato and chilli sauce, iceberg lettuce and gherkin mayo. It's succulent and flavoursome - this is Belinda's favourite whereas I like the beef burger mainly because I find the texture of chicken breast sometimes too different to the texture of the bun and the other items. If that makes any sense (and I spend a lot of time thinking about burgers-too much time some might say).

Five Points Burgers North Sydney
Manhattan $11

The two beef burgers are similar, the Bronx just has bacon and onion jam on it. This is for people that like their burgers simpler and old skool. As for me, as much bacon and onion jam as possible in my life suits me just fine. This is a great burger but I think I'd always be wanting some bacon.

Five Points Burgers North Sydney
Beer battered chips $4

We just have to try the beer battered chips. There is tomato sauce and mustard on the table but we order a little tub of aioli for 50 cents and dip the chips in. They're crunchy golden but we can barely make a dent in our order. Clearly we need to bring a bigger crowd with us next time although given how crowded it is when we leave, we'd have to visit at 11:30am on the dot. Or wait outside for it to open!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you ever wait for a place to open? Or do you usually find somewhere else to go? What is your favourite kind of burger filling? And on Fridays do you go out for lunch?

Five Points Burgers North Sydney
A Nepalese money god on the floor with some coins strewn around and on it

This meal was paid for independently.

Five Points Burgers North Sydney

Five Points Burgers

124 Walker Street (entry via Berry Street)

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