Top 5 Rice Cooker Recipes!

Fire up your rice cooker with these 5 amazing rice cooker recipes that prove that you can use your rice cooker for cooking so many other things apart from plain rice! Ever tried a rice cooker cake? How about caprese risotto, KFC devil rice, salmon belly wholegrain bowl or a mac and cheese cooked in the rice cooker?

1 - Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake

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Top 5 Rice Cooker Recipes

Ok a chocolate cake in a rice cooker sounds crazy but I promise it isn't. I made this cake under the least ideal conditions (an ancient rice cooker and illness) and it is rewardingly easy and delicious.

2 - Caprese Risotto in the Rice Cooker

Top 5 Rice Cooker Recipes

I once ate a caprese risotto in a restaurant and it was so delicious I wanted to recreate it at home. And in a rice cooker it's a cinch requiring just a few ingredients. I dare you to give this a go for a quick, delicious meal!

3 - Pumpkin Mac and Cheese In the Rice Cooker

Top 5 Rice Cooker Recipes

One of the most delicious food discoveries I have made is that you can make pasta in the rice cooker. Specifically mac and cheese in the rice cooker! I added pumpkin in it because I prefer it to be an all in one meal but feel free to make it a classic mac and cheese too!

4 - KFC Devil Rice In a Rice Cooker

Top 5 Rice Cooker Recipes

This is one of those recipes that goes viral every few years and it comes from Japan where KFC is a part of Valentine's Day (seriously, it's crazy, read more about it on the link above). Devil cooked rice is cooking rice with leftover KFC. I added other goodies to make it even tastier (because honestly, the original is a bit underwhelming).

5 - Salmon Belly in the Rice Cooker

Top 5 Rice Cooker Recipes

OK so this is a rice recipe but it's also a one pot number made using salmon belly which is usually an inexpensive but nutritious off cut. It is also one of the most popular recipes on the blog because it is so delicious!

So tell me Dear Reader, how do you cook your rice? Do you have a rice cooker? Do you use it just to cook rice or other things?

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