Top 5 Beef Stews!

Top 5 Beef Stews

It's winter in the Southern Hemisphere and beef stew time! These hearty beef stews will have you smacking your lips in gustatory pleasure. Here are the top 5 beef stews from Taiwan, Vietnam, Italy, England and Mexico!

1 - Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

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Top 5 Beef Stews

This is a spicy noodle soup called red braised beef noodle soup or Sichuan beef noodle soup and will warm you up from the inside. Tender chunks of beef are braised with a range of aromatic spices and served with wheat noodles. It's what a lot of homesick Taiwanese students turn to when they want a taste of home which gives you an indication of how comforting it is.

2 - Bo Kho Vietnamese Beef Stew

Top 5 Beef Stews

I LOVE this beef stew a lot! So much so that I'm hoping you'll all give this a go. This is pho's richer and more intense cousin with a wonderfully silky texture to it thanks to some wonderful, unsung cuts of beef.

3 - Ossobuco With Polenta

Top 5 Beef Stews

We cross over to Italy to a classic braised stew with Ossobuco. You can use either veal shins or beef shins and the flavour gets better with age so make a double batch and freeze it for an easy dinner!

4 - Beef and Beer Stew With Cheese Dumplings

Top 5 Beef Stews

This is an oldie but such a goodie and I promised readers that anyone that made this would get proposals of marriage it's that good. The beef is so tender and saucy under a layer of cheese dumplings!

5 - Dark Chocolate, Beef and Red Wine Stew

Top 5 Beef Stews

What is better than beef stew? A beef stew with dark chocolate and red wine! There's a method to my madness I promise and this is perfect rainy day weather food.

So tell me Dear Reader, which beef stew do you like the sound of the best?

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