Top 5 Father's Day Lockdown Foods!

Top 5 Father's Day Lockdown Foods

It's Father's Day coming up and the way to his heart is through food! Even if you or your dad are in lockdown you can make and deliver or post these treats to your dad! There are delicious Pod inception cookies, Snicker's brownies, Crème Brûlée Fudge, Chocolate Rum Truffles and a delicious yogurt parfait laced with the finest whisky!

1 - Creme BrûléeFudge

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Top 5 Father's Day Lockdown Foods

Yes this is as delicious as it sounds. I got the idea from a trip to New Zealand where a delicious, creamy vanilla fudge has a burnt or toffee top! All you need is a blowtorch!

2 -Snickers Brownies

Top 5 Father's Day Lockdown Foods

Who doesn't love Snickers bars? They're chewy, nutty and caramelly and these brownies are made of couverture milk chocolate, roasted peanuts and salted caramel sauce and topped with slices of Snickers on top! These are best delivered to your dad.

3 -Chocolate Rum Truffles

Top 5 Father's Day Lockdown Foods

I designed these rum truffles to look like actual truffles and if your dad has a cheeky sense of humour he might just find this funny too! They're so easy to make, require just a few ingredients (and rum of course!) and are delicious!

4 -Inception Pod Cookies

Top 5 Father's Day Lockdown Foods

So these cookies are a cookie within a cookie which is why I called them Inception Cookies. They're chewy cookies stuffed with Pods and are highly addictive!

5 -Cranachan

Top 5 Father's Day Lockdown Foods

Ok this recipe is another best delivered to dad or made for dad that morning. It's the most delicious Scottish breakfast parfait made with yogurt, raspberries, honey, whisky and toasted oats! This is a seriously delicious and healthy breakfast (the whisky is medicinal surely?)!

So tell me Dear Reader, which item do you think your dad would like best? Are you making something this year for him?

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