Top 5 Easy Father's Day Recipes!

Top 5 Easy Father's Day Recipes

It's Father's Day next weekend and I've got some of the tastiest, easiest Father's Day recipes for you! There's the very best Italian meatballs EVER; bacon & cheese sausage rolls and melty baked ravioli to simple Sizzler cheese toast to the most delectable lamb ribs with an orange and rosemary glaze. Your dad will feel loved and appreciated with these Father's Day recipes!

1 - The BEST Italian Meatballs EVER

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Top 5 Easy Father's Day Recipes

Meatballs aren't strictly a dad thing, they're a universal thing but even vege leaning Mr NQN absolutely adores these Italian meatballs. Once you make a batch you'll be surprised at how easy they are to make and how delicious and versatile they are!

2 - Bacon and Cheese Sausage Rolls

Top 5 Easy Father's Day Recipes

I've got Father's Day lunch covered for you too! These bacon and cheese sausage rolls are one of my favourite sausage rolls because when can cheese and bacon flavoured anything go wrong? There's a smoky sweetness from bbq sauce and a sprinkling of cheese on top too. Plus it takes just 15 minutes prep!

3 - Pasta al Forno Baked Ravioli

Top 5 Easy Father's Day Recipes

I added this baked ravioli because dads seem to love carbs (well from my small sample size). And dog dad Mr NQN absolutely adores this baked ravioli. He will happily eat a quarter of the tray if I let him. Make this with a meat or vego ravioli, whichever one dad likes best!

4 - Sizzler Cheese Toast

Top 5 Easy Father's Day Recipes

There's nothing more nostalgic or easy than Sizzler cheese toast. Remember when your parents used to take you to the Sizzler and the only thing that everyone could agree on was how good the cheese toast was? It's super easy to make at home - I promise!

5 - Lamb Ribs With Orange and Rosemary

Top 5 Easy Father's Day Recipes

Father's Day comes towards the end of citrus season and one of the tastiest ways to use up oranges is in savoury dishes. These lamb ribs are finger licking delicious with an orange, rosemary and honey glaze. I promise that not a morsel will come back to the kitchen as the bones are eaten clean!

So tell me Dear Reader, which recipe would your dad pick?

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