Knird, Crows Nest

Knird, Crows Nest

The COVID grinch strikes again just before Christmas and we were searching for a venue with outdoor seating that we could get together with Queen Viv and Miss America. And that was Knird, a small bar in Crows Nest with an outdoor section and a range of snacks from small to substantial.

Knird, Crows Nest

"Knird?" I muse aloud to myself. Is it a play on the word Nerd or some ancient Norse god? it turns out that Knird is none of these things; it's Drink spelled backwards. The bar is located on Albany Street, a quiet hidden away laneway. There is a large outdoor area with several tables available so you can bring your puppy along too.

Knird, Crows Nest

A friend of mine recommended Knird as she's local to there and said that she thought I'd like the food. Service is really lovely and helpful and just a warning, if it's cold or windy the alleyway that Knird sits on can be wind tunnel. There are blankets available should this occur.

Knird, Crows Nest
Knegroni $19 Knird No 1 $21

Knird doesn't take reservations so you just have to rock up and hope for a table but there are plenty of tables inside. There's a well thought out wine list - Knird's owner Andrew Day is a sommelier and worked in wine sales and at venues like Icebergs. We probably aren't the ideal market for a wine list as Queen Viv and Miss America are champagne people and Mr NQN and I are cocktail people. We order drinks - it's the Knird No 1 for me which is refreshing and definitely sippable and a Knegroni for Mr NQN which he really likes. Queen Viv and Miss America go for Louis Roederer 'Collection 242' Champagne by the glass which is a lovely treat at $19 a glass.

Knird, Crows Nest
Sardines $22

Most of the food is served in portions of three although they offer to upsize them to accommodate your table. The fresh Port Lincoln sardines come three to a serve and are butterflied and served over a black olive, caper and celery salsa which goes so well with them.

Knird, Crows Nest
Chicken liver parfait apricot jelly, toasted bread, cornichon $16

The chicken liver parfait is beautifully smooth and topped with a delightful apricot jelly and cornichons. Extra toasts are available and this is everyone's favourite dish of the night.

Knird, Crows Nest
Burrata $19

The burrata can have prosciutto added to it but we have it as is. It's a creamy, soft burrata with halved cherry tomatoes, basil, pangrattato and olive oil. Simple but delicious.

Knird, Crows Nest
Wagyu meatballs tomato sugo, parmigiano $18 +$6

Not all the dishes work as well as others. While visually appealing the meatballs need a bit or reworking. They're hard (some breadcrumbs would lighten them nicely) and some are pink in the centre. Both the meatballs and sauce need more seasoning too.

Knird, Crows Nest
Bruschetta chorizo, Cuca Mussels, labna, gremolata $24 for 3

The bruschetta are sourdough toasts topped with a chorizo spread, Cuca mussels, dollops of labna and gremolata. They are flavour forward, hit all the flavour points and are satisfying and great drinking food too. I'd actually recommend sharing the bruschetta as they're quite sizeable toasts.

Knird, Crows Nest
Winter's Beef Curry Puffs dipping sauce $12+$4

Another favourite are the curry puffs that come out piping hot and deep fried with a delicious beef filling. They're petite but every bite is tasty and we especially love the gingery syrupy dipping sauce it comes with.

So tell me Dear Reader, how often do you have your whole dinner at a bar or do you tend to go to bars to drink?

This meal was independently paid for.


Shop 2/31-33 Albany St, Crows Nest NSW 2065

Phone: 0499 353 089

Tuesday to Friday 5–10pm

Saturday 4–10pm

Sunday & Monday closed

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