Top 5 Summer Salads!

Top 5 Summer Salads

It's summer time in the Southern Hemisphere and that means that it's salad weather! These seasonal summer salads will have you enjoying the best fruit and vegetables in season. From a delicious Mexican street corn salad, a tomato and strawberry salad to a peach, fig and goat's cheese salad or the very best potato salad ever you'll spend less time cooking and more time enjoying summer!

1 - Esquites or Mexican Street Corn Salad

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Top 5 Summer Salads

This was my favourite salad for all of 2020 and that's because it is SO easy and SO delicious and goes with pretty much everything! Plus you can use tinned corn which is a massive time saver so it won't take long at all!

2 -Tomato Strawberry Salad

Top 5 Summer Salads

Pinky swear iI used to HATE strawberries in salads. When I'd eat a salad wtih strawberries, they would be the only thing I could taste. I'd become a person that I hated-the eprson that turns their nose up at a dish. But I realised the best way to use strawberry in salad is to sort of pull back on the strawberry flavour so that it wasn't so dominant. And now I LOVE strawberries in sald.

3 -Burrata & Tomato Salad

Top 5 Summer Salads

I met someone that didn't like burrata recently and it was the only person I had ever met that didn't love this luscious, creamy cheese. This recipe pairs burrata with its best friend summery tomatoes with three types: there's a tomato jam (you can also use a store bought relish or jam), semi dried tomatoes and baby Roma tomatoes!

4 -Yellow Peach, Fig & Goat's Cheese Salad

Top 5 Summer Salads

If you're currently enjoyinf the glut of stonefruit then this salad is simple but perfectly balanced. It also goes with so many meat dishes and takes about 7 minutes from beginning to end!

5 -Jalapeno Potato Salad

Top 5 Summer Salads

Nothing says summer to me more than potato salad eaten outdoors or at a picnic. This is my number one potato salad along with Japanese potato salad. I love this one because it is easier and only has a few ingredients but I promise it tastes SO good!

So tell me Dear Reader, have you tried any of these summer salads?

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