Top 5 Self Saucing Molten Puddings!

Top 5 Self Saucing Molten Puddings

The pudding love continues. Last week I gave you the top 5 rice puddings and this week I give you 5 incredible molten or self saucing puddings! From a French Canadian maple pudding, a chocolate peanut butter molten centered pudding, a quick 5 minute banana and butterscotch pudding to a self saucing apple and quince pudding. Or if you're going healthy there's a 5 minute coconut and chia pudding. We've got your pudding needs covered!

1 - Maple Syrup Pudding (Pudding Chômeur)

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Top 5 Self Saucing Molten Puddings

This pudding is a French Canadian pudding from the Quebec region and was originally created by female factory workers during the Great Depression ("chômeur" means unemployed). This delicious egg free pudding is at first a self saucing pudding but once it cools it becomes more cake-like!

2 -Chocolate Peanut Butter Molten Pudding

Top 5 Self Saucing Molten Puddings

We've probably all tried a chocolate fondant pudding when eating out but how about one filled with molten peanut butter? What a delightful combo.

3 -Easy 5 Minute Coconut Chia Pudding

Top 5 Self Saucing Molten Puddings

I know not everyone is in winter at the moment and this pudding is great for those enjoying some warm weather and I promise 5 minutes and then you're done! This delicious coconut chia pudding is a great breakfast or a snack.

4 -5 minute Banana Butterscotch Pudding

Top 5 Self Saucing Molten Puddings

Ahh one of my favourite puddings for a quick but delicious self saucing pudding. And yes it is cooked in less than 5 minutes. This has to be tried to be believed!

5 -Self Saucing Quince & Apple Pudding

Top 5 Self Saucing Molten Puddings

And my last choice is a classic winter self saucing pudding! I love this pudding and make it when I have some quince and apple in my fruit bowl.

So tell me Dear Reader, which pudding would you choose to eat first?

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