Taco Street, Beverly Hills

Taco Street, Beverly Hills

Taco Street is a Tex Mex eatery located on King Georges Road in Beverly Hills and sells a popular but small menu of tacos. Their most popular taco that everyone seems to order is the crispy Birria Beef taco with a cup of consommé dipping sauce. But there are some other must order dishes there too!

It was a Sunday night. It was a laid back day where I watched movies and cooked while Mr NQN worked in the yard working up a big appetite. I decided that we would try Taco Street which was recommended to me by my friend Sophia. When I messaged them I was told that the owners of Taco Street don't want their identities to made public but are local to Beverly Hills and it is their first restaurant.

Taco Street, Beverly Hills

Taco Street is located in a spot on busy King Georges Road where there aren't any other eateries. It opens at 5pm and when we arrived at 5:20pm almost all of the tables are taken. You order at the counter-the choice is easy: beef, chicken, prawn or vegetarian tacos in packs of 3 (none mixed) and you can also get them made as nachos too. All of the food is halal and gluten free (except for the flour tortillas).

Grab a hot sauce from the selection at the counter - I chose Valentina Muy Caliente because it reminded me of my friend Valentina and AssXXX because I thought Mr NQN might chuckle at the name. I got a lime and a guava Jarritos to drink.

Taco Street, Beverly Hills

Taco Street, Beverly Hills
Beef Birria 3 pack $17

The tacos come out quickly, like in less than 10 minutes the friendly staff will bring your tray to you and explain which taco is which. The birria beef comes on crispy corn tortillas with a rich, flavoursome beef, onion, cheese and coriander filling. You grab a tacos and dip it in the consommé and eat. The consommé is delicious in itself, salty, but not overly so and spicy with a real depth of flavour as the meat cooks in the consommé and there's also a side of pickled onions and radish and fresh lime wedges. Oh and vegetarians also have their own version of this made with mushrooms and cheese and their own dipping consommé.

Taco Street, Beverly Hills
Prawn Tacos 3 pack $17

While I loved the beef tacos, the prawn tacos are my favourite. There's nothing like fresh, crunchy battered prawns on a soft flour tortilla with guacamole, pico de gallo, corn and red cabbage slaw and chipotle sauce. The seasoning and freshness of the prawns makes this a must order.

Taco Street, Beverly Hills
Chicken Nachos $18

Sophia loved the chicken tacos so we thought we'd try the chicken filling in the nachos. Sour cream is an extra $2 for the pot which they suggest and it comes out in a foil lined cardboard tray. The chicken is like a soft, pulled chicken and quite mild in flavour. It's not bad at all, but out of the three proteins we tried the beef and prawn are that much better.

Taco Street, Beverly Hills
Elote Grilled Corn $6

But whatever you do, you have to get the elote or grilled corn. It's spread with mayo and sprinkled with cheese and chilli seasoning. The corn itself is incredibly juicy and moreish and I regret only ordering one.

So tell me Dear Reader, have you tried birria tacos? What do you think of them? Do you have a favourite filling for tacos?

This meal was independently paid for.

Taco Street

314 King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills NSW 2209

Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday 5–9:50pm Thursday 5–9:50pm Friday 5–9:50pm Saturday 5–9:50pm Sunday 5–9:50pm

Closed Monday and Wednesday

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