Top 5 Kale Recipes!

Top 5 Kale Recipes

Winter is here and that means kale and cavolo nero are in season! These wonderful leafy greens are packed with nutrition and can lend themselves to all sort of ways of cooking! From delicious seasonal salads, to crispy kale chips, comforting lasagnes to a kale stuffed roast chicken there's plenty to do with this versatile vegetable!

1 - Kale and Beetroot Salad

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Top 5 Kale Recipes

This salad is winter personified with two vegetables that are in season right now. It's such a quick recipe to make and you don't even have to cook the beetroot, just shave it thinly! I love the sweetness from the beetroots and the richness from the goat's cheese too!

2 - Kale Chips

Top 5 Kale Recipes

It was 2012 and everyone was making kale chips, me included! These chips are crisp and actually really delicious and a great way to get that kale in your diet without feeling like you're being punished.

3 - Beetroot Walnut Salad With Crispy Kale, Puffed Quinoa and Goats Cheese

Top 5 Kale Recipes

If you've made a lot of kale chips then one of the yummiest ways to use them up is in this salad! There's roasted beetoor, walnuts, quinoa and goat's cheese that make this a total meal in one!

4 - Kale Lasagne

Top 5 Kale Recipes

OK I promise I haven't lost my mind, there's a whole load of vegetables in this lasagna apart from kale. But if you want to eat a delicious meal with six types of vegetables then please give this kale lasagna a try!

5 - Herb Buttered Chicken Stuffed With Kale

Top 5 Kale Recipes

One of my favourite parts of a roast chicken is the stuffing. And you don't have to cook any sides when you can stuff a chicken with a delicious kale stuffing!

So tell me Dear Reader, did you make kale chips in 2012? ;) And do you cook with kale much nowadays?

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