Top 5 Leek Recipes!

Top 5 Leek Recipes

I love leeks!! There I've said it. It's kind of weird to be so in love with an allium but leeks are the milder, sweeter cousin of an onion and they are incredibly versatile. There's a beautiful leek tarte tatin, a delicious leek, cheddar and broccoli quiche and a bountiful chicken, leek and ham pie. There's also a delicious café style ham and cheese croissant with leek béchamel and of course the classic potato and leek soup but lightened up so that it is healthy!

1 - Leek Tarte Tatin

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Top 5 Leek Recipes

I am starting with one of my favourite ways to serve leeks. This leek tarte tatin uses up six leeks so if you have a surplus, this recipe is for you! Not only is it delicious but it's beautiful too-just look at those patterns!

2 - Potato Leek Soup With Parsnip Zucchini Fritters

Top 5 Leek Recipes

This is a really light and lovely version of a creamy potato and leek soup. I use a spoonful of sour cream and yogurt to achieve that gorgeously creamy texture. This soup has some tasty parsnip and zucchini fritters on top too!

3 - Leek, Cheddar and Broccoli Quiche

Top 5 Leek Recipes

I love my veggies and often serve up vegetable rich lunches so that when we go out to eat at dinner, we have a bit of balance. This quiche is great for lunchboxes and is made with butter sautéed leeks, a whole head of broccoli and a final browning of grated cheddar on top!

4 - Chicken, Leek, Ham & Spinach Dome Pie

Top 5 Leek Recipes

This pie is a real crowd pleaser. It's filled with the creamiest chicken, leek, spinach and ham. Yes two types of meat but it works, trust me! It's also a beautiful dome shape so it looks beautiful when you bring it to the table. This is one of those pies that you definitely have a second slice of.

5 - Ham & Cheese Croissant With Leek Bechamel

Top 5 Leek Recipes

Ok so the leek in this ham and cheese croissant is just in the bechamel but once you've tried leek bechamel, it's hard to go back to regular bechamel! This breakfast will be as delicious as your favourite cafe's breakfast!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you love leeks too? And how do you usually cook them?

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