Top 5 Cabbage Recipes!

Top 5 Cabbage Recipes

The humble cabbage is a winter favourite and it is such a versatile vegetable! It can be made into delicious stuffed cabbage rolls, an amazing quick kimchi that you have to try at least once or divine pork, fennel & cabbage sausage rolls. It can also be made into a cult favourite salad or a roasted, warm winter salad!

1 - Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Pork and Veal

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Top 5 Cabbage Recipes

I LOVE stuffed cabbage rolls and I share my secrets for making the best, tenderest cabbage rolls in this recipe! This uses up a whole cabbage and stuffs them with a delicious spiced pork and veal stuffing!

2 - Quick, Easy Kimchi

Top 5 Cabbage Recipes

I was lucky enough to get this kimchi recipe from Chef Kenny Takayama at Cafe Oratnek . I asked for it because I loved their kim chi and great news Dear Reader, it is a quick and easy kim chi that he calls his "Impatient Kimuchi"!

3 - Spicy Pork, Fennel & Cabbage Sausage Rolls

Top 5 Cabbage Recipes

I love sausage rolls and use any chance to add more vegetables to them when possible. These are some of my favourite sausage rolls made with pork, fennel and cabbage with a spicy edge to them!

4 - Cabbage, Pine Nut, Raisin & Pecorino Salad

Top 5 Cabbage Recipes

This cabbage salad was famous when it appeared on the menu at a restaurant called Buzo. It has a combination of crunchy from the cabbage, sweet from the raisins, savoury from the pecorino and creamy from the dressing. I promise that if you make this once you'll want to make it again!

5 - Roasted Vegetable Salad

Top 5 Cabbage Recipes

If the idea of a cold salad sends shivers up your spine (literally) then this warm roasted vegetable salad is for you. It uses a whole red cabbage, 3 capsicums and 2 onions and caramelises them until sweet.

So tell me Dear Reader, what is your favourite way to cook cabbage?

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