Top 5 Easy Mother's Day Recipes

Easy Mother's Day Recipes

Looking for simple yet impressive recipes to celebrate Mother's Day or any special occasion? Look no further! From adorable Tomato Tulips to light and flaky Buttermilk Scones, these recipes are deliciously easy. Dive into the sweet world of cookies with Love Cookies or whip up some Apple Flower Tarts for a stunning dessert. And don't miss out on the classic French Crepes Suzette that is surprisingly easy to make!

1 - Tomato Tulips

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Easy Mother's Day Recipes

These tomato tulips are both adorable and effortless to make. Roma tomatoes are sliced and filled with a creamy mixture of cream cheese, cheddar, and olives—a fresh twist on zucchini flowers. Arrange them on spring onion stems for a delightful Mother's Day lunch or a thoughtful gift.

2 - Perfect Buttermilk Scones

Easy Mother's Day Recipes

These buttermilk scones are irresistibly light, tender and flaky and a classic Mother's Day treat with a twist of lemon and lavender. This recipe yields a small batch of four perfect scones with just 5 minutes of prep time. If only I could offer a money-back guarantee, they're that good!

3 - Love Cookies

Easy Mother's Day Recipes

Vanilla sugar cookies are always a hit and they're not only delicious but also ideal for decorating with icing. These easy heart-shaped iced cookies are a great way to get started with decorating cookies. You can customise them with any colour, shape or message you like!

4 - Apple Flower Tarts

Easy Mother's Day Recipes

You'll be amazed by these adorable apple flower tarts as they're both stunning and simple to make! With just a few basic ingredients you can create these lovely treats for a special dessert or morning or afternoon tea.

5 - Crepes Suzette

Easy Mother's Day Recipes

This lovely French dessert is just right for citrus season and a delightful Mother's day dessert. Thin crepes are folded and served with a delicious buttery citrus sauce spiked with Grand Marnier. You can even flambé them at the table to impress! And the best part? They're surprisingly easy to make, and you can prepare the crepes and sauce ahead of time. Just heat them up and enjoy the show!

So tell me Dear Reader, what are you making for Mother's Day?

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