Top 5 Hawaiian Recipes!

Top 5 Hawaiian Recipes

With the weather warming up (or still warm for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere) we head towards Hawaii for these classic Hawaiian savoury dishes. These recipes will take you back to the sunny shores of Hawaii. There's Huli Huli chicken, poke, the best beef galbi, the famous garlic shrimp and rice and for dessert, a passion fruit or lilikoi mochi butter cake!

1 - Huli Huli Chicken

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Top 5 Hawaiian Recipes

A lot of Hawaiian recipes have Japanese flavours and Huli Huli chicken tastes like a Hawaiian cousin of teriyaki sauce but with the addition of pineapple. Make these with chicken drumsticks for a party or easy weeknight dinner and watch them disappear!

2 - Garlic Shrimp and Rice

Top 5 Hawaiian Recipes

Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp is one of my favourite things to eat when I visit Oahu's North Shore and now you can recreate the famous garlic shrimp and rice at home! And can anything go wrong with garlic butter?

3 - Hawaiian Poke

Top 5 Hawaiian Recipes

Poke is so simple to make and such a delicious, healthy lunch or snack. Make it with any sashimi grade fish you have available. There's a recipe for a spicy soy based poke as well as a creamy spicy mayo version. And if you can't find sashimi grade fish try it with cooked prawns!

4 - Korean Galbi

Top 5 Hawaiian Recipes

The Korean Galbi at Da Bald Guy food truck began an obsession of mine that took a lot of time to recreate but it's worth it. Pinky swear you will love this if you love Korean Galbi or beef short ribs!

5 - Passion Fruit Mochi Butter Cake

Top 5 Hawaiian Recipes

We have to end a meal with dessert right? And Hawaiian mochi butter cake is the simplest cake to make. If you love stretchy mochi you'll absolutely love this cake topped with a passion fruit icing!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you make food to remind you of holidays?

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