Top 5 Pork Roasts From All Over The World!

Top 5 Pork Roasts

If you're looking for a delicious pork roast then may I offer you these 5 delicious pork roast options? There's a Southern style roast pork loin with red eye gravy, a slow roasted Chinese pork shoulder, an easy Ginger & Marmalade roast pork, a divine Italian pork in milk and a classic roast pork with a delectable apricot stuffing!

1 - Southern Style Roast Pork Loin With Red Eye Gravy

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Top 5 Pork Roasts

I love trying Southern American style food and one of the tastiest dishes is the roast pork loin with red eye gravy. That sounds all sorts of exotic but it isn't really at all and chances are you have all of the ingredients at home in your pantry already to make this!

2 - Slow Roasted Chinese Pork

Top 5 Pork Roasts

I love slow roasted meats and this slow roasted pork shoulder is cooked in Chinese flavours and spices. The meat is so luscious, tender and full of flavour!

3 - Ginger and Marmalade Roast Pork

Top 5 Pork Roasts

I LOVE using marmalade with pork because it has a lovely sweet tartness that enhances and complements pork so well. Dare I say that this might also work for Christmas too (which is when I originally made it)?

4 - Italian Pork in Milk

Top 5 Pork Roasts

I cannot tell you how much I love this Italian pork cooked in milk. The milk helps to soften the pork and there's so much flavour here from the entire head of garlic to sage, thyme and lemon!

5 - Roast Pork Apricot Stuffing

Top 5 Pork Roasts

This roast pork recipe is a classic that I often make but the stuffing is as much a feature as the pork. I tried this stuffing at a restaurant and it was so good I asked the chef Hamish Watt for the recipe which he kindly gave me. I use this as a base for all stuffings because it is so damn tasty!

So tell me Dear Reader, which pork roast would you pick?

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