Top 5 Noodle Recipes For Lunar New Year!

Top 5 Noodle Recipes For Lunar New Year

Today I'm sending you noods - noodle dishes that is! Noodles are eaten at Lunar New Year and the superstition goes that long noodles equals long life and after the past four years, we could use any sort of luck thrown our way no? These noodle recipes range from super easy to super economical to vegan but all are super delicious!

1 - Hokkien Noodles

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Top 5 Noodle Recipes For Lunar New Year

These Hokkien noodles are a family recipe and are a delightful blend of chicken, prawns and stir-fried vegetables generously topped with an egg omelette. Originally shared by my mother, the recipe has undergone a gradual transformation over the years to this recipe!

2 - Scallion Noodles

Top 5 Noodle Recipes For Lunar New Year

My introduction to scallion noodles dates back to my visit to Shanghai 10 years ago. They have secured a special place in my heart! Known as "cong you ban mian," these noodles are made with basic ingredients that likely reside in your pantry and fridge, yet they yield the most delightful flavors. The original recipe is also vegan!

3 - Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Top 5 Noodle Recipes For Lunar New Year

So it's cold where you are so here's a recipe for you for Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup. Let the broth simmer away in a slow or pressure cooker for a while, and you'll have a deliciously satisfying comfort food experience. No pushiness here, just a hearty recommendation!

4 - Biang Biang Noodles

Top 5 Noodle Recipes For Lunar New Year

Biang Biang noodles are thick, almost belt-like strands that can easily fill an entire rice bowl. Making these noodles is surprisingly straightforward but above all FUN and the delicious taste might just surprise you as much as it did me!

5 - Chilli Crisp Noodles

Top 5 Noodle Recipes For Lunar New Year

Chilli oil has gained popularity as the "it" ingredient in recent years but did you know that you can whip up your own version within minutes, elevating a simple noodle dish? This quick 10-minute recipe is not only perfect for a weeknight meal but also impressive enough to serve to guests.

So tell me Dear Reader, which noodle recipe speaks to you the most?

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