Top 5 Lamb Recipes For Easter

Lamb Recipes For Easter

It's almost Easter time and you might be thinking of what to serve at an Easter feast. I've got 5 amazing lamb recipes for you! Greek lamb and lemon potatoes is a classic lamb shoulder with lemon marinade and garlic paste or for a different flavour profile try Vietnamese style sticky mint & lime lamb shoulder. If you're looking for something simple on the bbq try grilled Garlic, Lime & Black Pepper Lamb Cutlets. For something warming you can't go past Giouvetsi or slow cooked Greek lamb shanks that are slow-baked shanks and pasta. Lastly, if you love lamb ribs try these sticky, spicy lamb ribs with sumac, Turkish red pepper seasoning and a tangy tamarind glaze!

1 - Greek Lamb & Lemon Potatoes

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Lamb Recipes For Easter

This Greek lamb shoulder and lemon potatoes is a classic dish for a reason. The lamb is tender and flavoursome with a tangy lemon marinade and a garlic paste with a hint of mustard. The Greek lemon potatoes make the perfect accompaniment!

2 - Vietnamese Style Sticky Mint & Lime Lamb Shoulder

Lamb Recipes For Easter

This succulent lamb shoulder has a zesty combination of lime, fish sauce, chili, and garlic. Inspired by the freshness of a Vietnamese chicken salad this is one of the most popular lamb shoulder recipes on my blog!

3 - Garlic, Lime & Black Pepper Lamb Cutlets!

Lamb Recipes For Easter

These lamb cutlets are dainty, trimmed chops that undergo a quick marinade before being grilled with a pink center. A simple lime and black pepper seasoning adds deliciousness without fuss.

4 - Giouvetsi Slow Cooked Greek Lamb Shanks!

Lamb Recipes For Easter

This Greek lamb shank recipe is from my friend Valentina. The lamb shanks are slow baked with pasta in one of the most comfortingly delicious lamb recipes. This dish demands minimal hands-on time with the oven taking care of everything.

5 - Sticky, Spicy Lamb Ribs

Lamb Recipes For Easter

In this recipe, the lamb ribs get a boost in flavour from a spice rub with sumac, Turkish red pepper seasoning, cumin, garlic and salt. They're then slow-baked in a low oven for two hours then glazed with a simple mix of tangy tamarind and brown sugar, resulting in beautifully crisped ribs! This is one of the most popular recipes on the blog.

So tell me Dear Reader, when do you start thinking about Easter food? Which lamb dish do you like the sound of the most?

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