Top 5 Surprising Ways To Use Parsnips!

Top 5 Parsnip Recipes

Indulge in the unexpected with our top 5 parsnip recipes! Don't let the idea of parsnip or potato in a cake deter you—just like carrot cake, it's a surprising hit! Plus explore low-carb alternatives like parsnip puree and get your veggie fix with a sneaky parsnip cake. Elevate your dinner party spread with pancetta-wrapped parsnips or add a twist to classic soup with parsnip fritters. Discover the delicious versatility of parsnips!

1 - Kitchen Garden Cake

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Top 5 Parsnip Recipes

Don't be turned off by the thought of parsnip or potato in a cake. Just think about how someone pitched the idea of carrot cake once upon a time and now it's a classic! This cake, with orange zest and cinnamon, doesn't even taste like parsnip, thanks to its coarse grating that adds juicy bursts of flavor. It smells divine fresh out of the oven and is unbelievably fluffy.

2 - Low Carb Parsnip Puree

Top 5 Parsnip Recipes

Looking for a low-carb and fuss-free swap for mashed potatoes? Give this parsnip puree a whirl! I used to roll my eyes at parsnips but not anymore, thanks to this recipe. It's smooth, creamy and downright delicious. Plus, you can whip it up in a jiffy using a Thermomix or food processor without worrying about it turning into a gloopy mess like regular mashed potato!

3 - Parsnip Cake with Lemon Buttercream Frosting

Top 5 Parsnip Recipes

Get your veggie fix in the tastiest way possible with this sneaky veggie cake! Packed with grated parsnips, walnuts, raisins, and spices and topped with a lip-smacking lemon cream cheese frosting. Super moist and downright delicious and don't worry, you won't even notice the parsnip - I swear!

4 - Potato and Leek Soup With Parsnip Fritters

Top 5 Parsnip Recipes

This potato and leek soup has been taken up a notch with the addition of delicious zucchini and parsnip fritters!

5 - Parsnips Wrapped in Pancetta

Top 5 Parsnip Recipes

Pancetta-wrapped parsnips are a fantastic addition to your dinner party spread. Seriously, wrapping anything in pancetta or bacon just takes it up a notch! Since parsnips are a winter staple, giving them a quick parboil before wrapping ensures they're not too tough and woody.

So tell me Dear Reader, which parsnip recipe would be your pick?

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