Top 5 Beginner's Basic Dinner Recipes!

Top 5 Easiest Beginner's Recipes

Everyone has to start their cooking journey somewhere so here are my top 5 easiest dinner recipes for beginners with less than 10 ingredients! The Vodka Marmalade Roast Chicken has just seven ingredients for a sticky, tasty dish. The Turmeric Fish Curry is surprisingly simple with 10 minutes of prep and an incredible flavour. The Lime and Black Pepper Lamb Chops are ready in just 10 minutes, perfect for a quick gourmet meal. For a comforting dish, try the creamy Italian Chickpea Soup. Lastly, One Pot Pasta makes dinner effortless with everything cooked in one pot!

1 - Vodka Marmalade Roast Chicken

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Top 5 Easiest Beginner's Recipes

This vodka marmalade chicken is so much more than a sum of it's 7 ingredients! It's sticky and delicious and I promise this may just go on your regular rotation!

2 - Turmeric Fish Curry

Top 5 Easiest Beginner's Recipes

Confessions: If I had seen this recipe in a cookbook, I might have dismissed it as lacking flavour but it is SO tasty! With 10 minutes prep time, less than 10 ingredients and yet it tastes like you ordered it from a restaurant!

3 - Lime and Black Pepper Lamb Chops

Top 5 Easiest Beginner's Recipes

5 minutes prep and 5 minutes cooking? YES!! These lamb cutlets are incredibly delicious and easy to prepare! These dainty trimmed lamb chops are grilled to perfection with a pink center. A simple yet delicious lime and black pepper seasoning completes the dish.

4 - Chickpea Soup

Top 5 Easiest Beginner's Recipes

This chickpea soup or Cisrà, is a specialty of Italy's Piedmont region. This vegetarian version uses chickpeas alone for a wholesome, easy and satisfying soup. A clever cooking method gives the soup its creamy texture and body! ;)

5 - One Pot Pasta

Top 5 Easiest Beginner's Recipes

This one-pot pasta is the epitome of simplicity, requiring just one pot for the entire process and featuring an easy method. You can even create a vegetarian version with a tomato-based sauce, basil, and cheese on top. Keep this recipe handy for those days when you need a quick and effortless meal!

So tell me Dear Reader, which recipe would you pick to make first?

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