Mamma's got a brand new Tiffany box!

Tiffany fondant box

Buying on ebay allows me to "surprise" myself on a weekly basis. Although I know that I've paid for the items, I unfailingly fall upon the package like its the most wonderful gift from a secret admirer. Buoyed by the current strong Australia dollar, I was hooning around the ebay site and I saw Wilton colouring gels on ebay for $1.25US a piece. I did a quick exchange rate calculation, realised that they were $1.32 a piece and hit the button to buy 6 of these. Definitely beats the $5.95 retail price here!

Wilton colours

There was one thing I had in mind to make as soon as I received the gels. What girl doesn't like the Tiffany eggshell blue box? Even if it doesn't house a gorgeous ring, and instead it has edible vanilla sponge spread with strawberry jam or thick chocolate mud.

I confess, this is my first effort and it probably shows. The ribbon and bow is probably the thing that needs the most work but I found it fun to do and oddly therapeutic when it came out sort of kind of looking like a Tiffany box (if you half close both eyes). I promise you my next effort will be better but in the meantime, I'll give you the very easy instructions.

You will need:

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  • Home made (or pre- bought) rectangular sheet cake cut into 5cms x 5cms x2 cms high squares

  • Wilton teal colouring gel

  • White fondant

  • Icing sugar

  • Toothpick, gloves and rolling pin

Step 1 - Sandwich cakes squares together on top of each other with jam

Step 2 - Using toothpick add teal colouring gel to handful of fondant. Knead in hands until colouring is fully absorbed and not streaky and Tiffany Duck egg blue colour

Step 3 - Sprinkle icing sugar on clean, flat, dry surface. Sprinkle too on rolling pin and roll out blue coloured fondant (not too thin)

Step 4 - Blanket cake square carefully with blue fondant. Tuck in edges underneath the cake

Step 5 - Again sprinkle icing sugar, roll out white fondant on clean surface, flat dry, surface. Cut into 13mm strips. With the two longest strips make the two stripes, with other stripes fashion a bow and ties crimping the bow slightly in the middle

Tiffany fondant box

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