Mamma's got a pretty, new Kitchenaid cover!


New Kitchenaid cover

I spied a seller making custom embroideries which just tickled my fancy and appealed the vanity in me. Her character limit was 15 characters which equalled "Not Quite Nigella" so after figuring out which font and colour combination I wanted I quickly placed an order and sat back and waited. Impatiently.

New Kitchenaid cover

About a week later my package arrived and I was ever so pleased. It was more gorgeous than I thought it would be. If anyone is interested in them her details are:


ebay auctions:

Linda will also give 15% off (excluding shipping) if you mention Not Quite Nigella and if you buy from her directly. There are a lot of covers and fonts to choose from.

She's not affiliated with me in any way, I just loved her covers and the service she gave me and I get nothing from recommending her except joy that I know that you will love them too!

And* Everyone *needs their name up in lights.

New Kitchenaid cover