Ripples café at Milson's Point

Ripples café at Milson’s Point

At a location that would make any tourist or Sydney sider proud, sits Ripples Cafe at Milson's Point. I tossed up whether to go to the Ripples at Chowder Bay or this Milson's Point one but location won the day. If only it were sunny.

Ripples café at Milson’s Point

A work breakfast is vastly different from a lazy Sunday brunch. For starters it commences at 8am, a time when on weekends you should legally be asleep. But even the raindrops falling can't deter me from rising early. I've already perused the menu on the website so I know what I want.

The location is indeed magnificent. Right near and under the Harbour Bridge, the water view with the Opera House across the water to the left and Luna Park a minute away you couldn't get much better for a sunny day. Since it's raining, they've put up a little plastic fronted tent to protect from wind and rain.

Ripples café at Milson’s Point

There are only two tables this morning, one with three road workers in bright plastic gear and ours. The French waiter takes our order for coffee and food. I order the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict on English muffins ($16) and because of the name, the Kick ass beans ($4.50). N orders the sour cherry french toast with cinnamon and berries ($12).

Ripples café at Milson’s Point Latte

_Latté $3.80 _

Our coffee arrives shortly after and our food not too long after that- not surprising given there are only two tables. However it seems that the waiter has mixed up N's order and given him the Apple hotcakes and Rhubarb compote. N is not a happy camper.

Ripples café at Milson’s Point Eggs Benedict

_Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon $16 _

My eggs benedict are two large poached eggs on two English muffins halves with layers of cooked smoked salmon and hollandaise. I prefer my smoked salmon to be uncooked but this is not a dealbreaker as it is good still. The dish has a tangy Hollandaise which is how I prefer it rather than some of the blander Hollandaises. The muffins is only very lightly toasted, in fact I am not sure if it is really, only warmed. The eggs have huge, runny yolks and overall it's decent but not wowing or spectacular and not like the Eggs Benedict at Wharfy's although admittedly the ambiance is better here than sitting on a wharf.

Ripples café at Milson’s Point Kick ass beans
Kick ass beans $4.50

The kick ass beans are very good, with a slight amount of chili. These are the upmarket and markedly tastier version of baked beans. The beans are smaller than regular baked beans and they're soft, but not too soft, with a rich sauce punctuated by small pieces of bacon.

Ripples café at Milson’s Point Sour cherry french toast
Sour Cherry French toast $12

By now, N's Sour cherry french toast has arrived. The french toast is studded with sour cherries specks and it's decent and aromatic with cinnamon but N remains unimpressed, perhaps because of the 10 minute wait he had to endure for it to arrive.

Ripples café at Milson’s Point

The rain relents and it's time to exit but not without playing tourist and taking pictures of the view. Even a born and bred Sydney sider like me never gets sick of the view.

Ripples café at Milson’s Point

Ripples Café

Olympic Drive Milsons Point Sydney

Tel: +61 (02) 9929-7722

Monday-Friday 8am-11am, Saturday-Sunday 7.30am-11am

Monday-Friday 12pm-3pm, Saturday-Sunday noon-4pm

Monday-Sunday 6pm-9.30pm

All major credit cards accepted

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