Angels Hearts and Marion Crepes at Harajuku

Harajuku takeshita dori
Entrance to Takeshita Dori

My friend once told me about competition in Japan. She and her husband were from England and he was posted to Tokyo by his pharmaceutical company. He said that in Japan when competing business bring out a similar product, they get together to set the price for this product with everyone in agreement as to the price. In Australia, that's considered price fixing but in Japan, it seems more a quaint gesture probably borne from the exceeding politeness of the people (although I'm sure, it's not as polite to be in the room when this happens now). So on our visit to Harajuku (favoured area for the youth of Tokyo) and Takeshita dori, the market style street that sells this season's  styles at a teenager friendly price tag, we count 4 crepe places, two directly opposite each other with barely enough room between them to drive a car.

Harajuku Crepes

Both crepe stands, right opposite each other[


Harajuku Crepes Marion crepe

But what we're mainly interested in is the Crepes. When I lived here, I didn't have an interest in the gigantic crepes here. They always seemed a bit "too much" but of course now that I have a food blog, it seems only logical to abandon my prejudice at them and try one from each. The lines for both are similar so I first try the #47 crepe from Marion crepes.

Harajuku Crepes  Marion crepe
Marion Crepes selection

It has a little bit of everything: strawberries, strawberry sauce, chocolate cake, cheesecake, whipped cream and ice cream (see I really did mean it has a bit of everything!) and was Y450. The man selling it is not feeling the excitement that I am but I do get to watch him make the crepe and fold it up.

Harajuku Crepes  Marion crepe #47
Marion crepes #47 strawberries, strawberry sauce, chocolate cake, cheesecake, whipped cream and ice cream Y450

It's filled quite high and is a meal in itself. Taking a spoon to help scoop up the inside, the flavours go well together and whilst I don't eat much of the crepe itself, I do enjoy the variety of flavours of the filling.

Harajuku Crepes Angels Hearts

Harajuku Crepes  Angels Hearts
Angels Hearts crepe selection

Next I try Angels Hearts crepes, I don't know what to choose and my husband is signalling signs of eating fatigue as he polished off most of the first crepe and is practically begging me not to get another one. But I must so I settle on a smaller crepe: caramel, cheese and nuts Y360. The women here are friendlier and my crepe is given to me but it looks very thin and boring by comparison.

Harajuku Crepes Angels Hearts
Angels Hearts Caramel, cheesecake and nuts crepe Y360

The crepe itself is better, much crispier at the edge but the thin smear of filling lets it down, there's no comparison as the first one was so loaded with cream, ice cream, cakes and fruit that I realise my disappointment is due to my choice of crepe rather than the stand. It's so empty and dry we end up throwing this out (also my husband is full).

Harajuku Crepes Angels Hearts

Next time, I would have to try an Angels Hearts crepe with more filling as I did prefer the crepe itself. But for now, we leave to take a walk to the beautiful Meiji Jingu shrine and walk off some of that crepe, cake, fruit, nuts and cream...

Meiji Shrine Harakjuku
Meiji Jingu Shrine

Meiji Shrine Harakjuku

A kid's wishes-pretty much the same all around the world! :)

Meiji Shrine Harakjuku

Meiji Shrine Harakjuku

Hah! It looks like mums around the world are the same too... :lol:

Meiji Shrine Harakjuku

harajuku wonder rocket

Unfortunately we aren't in Tokyo on a Sunday afternoon so we miss out on the parade of goths, punks and rockabillys although there are still the occasional camera worthy person walking by. Everyone there seems to want some sort of attention for their looks and pile the hair high and the makeup thick. I spy several Joel Madden and Nicole Richie lookalikes among the crowd. The Free Hugs campaign has even made it to Harajuku and my husband gets a free hug from the girl (although everyone else walks past). I also see an Alice in Wonderland looking shop!

Angels Hearts and Marion Crepes Harajuku

When exiting JR Harajuku station, turn left and walk until you see a Family Mart (and a lot of people!). Cross the road and enter Takeshita Dori. Both stores are 1/3 of the way down Takeshita Dori.

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