Kingsford Chinese restaurant, Kingsford

Kingsford Chinese restaurant, Kingsford

When I was in Primary School we were asked to design a name and logo for an airline. I chose mine to be: "TBAITW" which stood for "The Best Airline in the World". You see I was going for the luxury market. However the girl next to me chose a clever tactic and chose "Aardvark airlines" because she would be the first listing in the phone book and therefore easy to find. And I think when they were thinking of names for this particular restaurant, they rejected all the usual names for Chinese restaurants including "Golden", "Lotus", "Jade", "Kingdom", "Palace" or "Dragon". I think they just though sod it, let's just use Kingsford Chinese restaurant. People who are looking for a Kingsford Chinese eat will find us easily.

Kingsford Chinese restaurant, Kingsford
Complimentary soup

I'd heard about Kingsford Chinese restaurant by many. Mostly for the brusque service but delicious food. And despite the fact that we had almost dined here several times we were always lured  somewhere else. And if you've been to Anzac Pardae in Kingsford, there is no shortage of somewhere elses with so many restaurants within the 2-3 block area it makes deciding hard. Tonight we're dining with Rose and Ronald and lucky that we've chosen to eat early as it means that there is no problem getting a table. We choose 4 dishes that we've heard that they do well. Prices are fabulously cheap and you can get a rice or noodle and meat dish for $6.60. The complimentary soup is delicious.

Kingsford Chinese restaurant, Kingsford
Sang tung Chicken $11

The Shantung Chicken is a dish my mum made for us years ago. The first time we had it, we loved it but we soon tired of it. This one is very good though and it's heady with garlic, lightly tinged with chili the crispy skinned chicken is lovely and crisp and juicy-almost as juicy as duck and the serving generous.

Kingsford Chinese restaurant, Kingsford
Salt and pepper calamari $9.80

I adore Salt and pepper calamari and will travel for a good version of it. This however isn't, being dry and chewy. Disappointing as so many people had recommended it-perhaps the chef was having a bad night?

Kingsford Chinese restaurant, Kingsford
Honey King Prawns $14.50

Yes I've already admitted my love of these so now that I am "out of the closet" I will say that the serve of 12 honey king prawns isn't bad although it isn't as fluffy or crispy as Yong Jing's honey king prawns next door where they also add sesame seeds for flavour and crispy noodles underneath for extra crunch plus they had a larger serving size of 17 prawns. Yes, we are the type that counts the prawns mainly because everyone loves them and we need to divide them among us.

Kingsford Chinese restaurant, Kingsford
Braised Green Beans with Malaysian Chili sauce $8.80

An enormous dish of gargantuan proportions, it heavily salted and not particularly chili like. The plate is plentiful and we only make the slightest dent into it between the four of us. I'm not sure if I  am very taken by this as it's so salty.

Kingsford Chinese restaurant, Kingsford
Fried rice $6.60

Dotted with plenty of extras including a mysterious ham like substance, it's not too bad. Overall we have to say that we preferred other places but for $13.50 a person no-one's complaining at all.

So tell me Dear Reader, what is the cheapest cost per person place that you've been to?

Kingsford Chinese Restaurant

426 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW

Tel: +61 (02) 9663 1728

Open 7 days: 11am-11pm

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