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In the interests of a New Year, new resolutions and new things, I thought it was about time to come clean on a few things about myself. Call it a 12 step for foodies. Since I feel I am among friends, which Dear Readers you are, I feel time is ripe to confess a few things. A foodie confessional of sorts. Let me start...

I am a notorious overfeeder. When I serve someone a piece of cake, it's a gigantic slice, and second and third helping are always welcome at my place. But I did kill many goldfish and plants this way and my cats were obese.


If it's dinner time on Monday, I have already thought of what I am going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Tuesday.

I don't understand when people push away the tray of baklava saying "Oh just one piece for me, it's so sweet!". I can literally eat half a tray of baklava, although it isn't a pretty sight when I do. I can also eat multiple moon cakes.

I was convinced truffle oil was good - until I tried a truffle and realised that the oil tastes nothing like the truffle. Next time I'll pour gasoline over my pasta for a similar effect.

I walked around for half a day without realising that I had icing on my dress.

nutty caramel popcorn

I bring my own snacks to the movies. I smuggle in my own popcorn (not just plain but a special blend which I'll share with you soon) as well as the chips I like that they don't sell and the drinks I like that they don't sell. I have nightmares of opening my bag while getting out my ticket and my bounty spilling out.

To maintain a normal weight, I'll eat steamed vegetables for lunch so that I can eat what I want at dinner time.

When I'm on holidays, I only take pictures of the sights because I think I have to. Otherwise I'd just take photos of food. I'm forever thankful for digital cameras so that I don't have to explain to the spotty youth at the photo store "Why are your holiday snaps _just _of food?".

strange pantry

A shelf from my pantry: Pearl sugar, roasted & ground wattleseed, Elderflower jam from Austria, Italian Grissini, Fauchon lips chocolate etc

I love to look through people's fridges and kitchen cupboards. Don't worry I have no interest in your bedside cupboards, but I do want to know what you eat.

I know the calories of almost any kind of food. Try me!


I'm a fast eater, embarrassingly so, so I try to slow down when I eat or use chopsticks to inhibit the process.

I order for my husband who has given up on trying to have a say on what he wants.

melted cheese

Sometimes I just take a big hunk of cheese and melt it on a plate and eat it. And it's damn good so don't scoff until you've tried it.

If I am upset or worried I stop eating. So I hate to be upset or worried.

I used to dream of having a stomach with a drawer that I could empty out so that I could just keep eating. Sometimes I just keep eating knowing that I'm full.


If I know I'm going to be eating very tempting or fattening food, I wear a tight dress or a belt to stop me from making an utter pig of myself.

I am still smarting over the revamping of the Milo bar. I wish I had stockpiled boxes of the original Milo Bar shakes fist at Milo company

After a big meal out, I can still come home and eat more.

I hate to throw things out. Often I'll have a single egg white in a container and a tablespoon of cream just because I might need them - maybe?

bum hummers
Yep, Bum Hummers aka Pickled Onions, a present from the lovely Kristy from Jetlagmama.

My kitchen cupboards are full of the bizarre and the unusual.

A dinner isn't finished without dessert. Ever.

So tell me Dear Reader, what would you like to confess? Confess it anonymously if you feel you need to :)

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