Scary Sandwiches

Scary Sandwiches

As a child, I was a terrible eater. Most days I would be given a sandwich and it would sit in a freezer bag in my lunchbox next to a frozen Popper drink. During the day it would melt and my sandwich would end up soggy so I would throw it out. I would just eat the fruit that I was given and suck on the thawed Popper.

Today's post is just a short one from me and it's really more an idea than a recipe. The idea for these scary sandwiches came from a graphic designer dad David LaFerriere who cleverly illustrated his child's school lunches every day. I thought that it sounded like a fabulous idea and if you wanted to do something for your kid (or in my case Mr NQN who is not a child at all) in the vein of Halloween and also want to make sure that they don't just throw away the sandwich, this might be the idea for you.

Scary Sandwiches

It's the simplest of ideas and all you need are pens that can write on glass, ceramic and plastic. Like fillings, the only limit is imagination and you can draw monsters, pus, mould, creepy crawlies or anything that seems even the slightest bit gruesome or untoward. Knowing the crazy world of kids, they'll love it even more and it may end up the lunch that is most traded in the school yard. And if you're an adult, I'm sure that nobody will steal your lunch if it has the cockroaches or mould on them!

So tell me Dear Reader, did you always eat your lunch at school? And have you ever had your lunch stolen at work or stolen anyone else's?

Scary Sandwiches

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Scary Sandwiches

  • Sandwich zip lock bags
  • Pens that can write on ceramic and glass
  • Slices of bread
  • Fillings like green kaya coconut jam (aka slime) available at Asian grocery stores; slices of ham or meat that could be any sort of human flesh; berry or cherry jam as blood clots,; Vegemite as squid ink.

Step 1 - Fill the zip lock bags with the sandwich and draw the designs on them but allow to dry completely before packing away.

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