Top 5 HOT Sandwiches!

Top 5 HOT Sandwiches

As the weather gets chillier it's time to warm up your sandwich game with a delicious hot sandwich. Get toasting with an amazing Caprese toastie, a luscious boneless pork rib sandwich, a mac and cheese toastie, an amazing eggplant schnitzel sandwich and the great Cubano sandwich!

1 - Caprese Toastie Sandwich

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Top 5 HOT Sandwiches

Why have a salad when you can have a sandwich? This delicious caprese toastie has all of the flavours of a Caprese salad (plus pesto) and it's also on a toastie! This is one of the easiest, tastiest sandwiches ever.

2 -Pork Rib Sandwich

Top 5 HOT Sandwiches

OK this sandwich is pretty spesh. If you love pork ribs then you will ADORE this pork rib sandwich. It's a melting combination of boneless, tender, saucy boneless pork ribs, a spicy kimchi slaw and salad. If you love meal prepping Sundays you can absolutely make the pork ribs on the weekend and then have the makings for a delicious sandwich every day the following week!

3 -Mac and Cheese Toastie

Top 5 HOT Sandwiches

Now I'm not necessarily suggesting that you make up a batch of Mac and Cheese for this toastie (although you could really) but this is more a concept to repurpose your dinner into a delicious toastie. I mean realistically most dinner (well apart from soup haha) can make a delicious toastie filling no?

4 -Eggplant Schnitzel Sandwich

Top 5 HOT Sandwiches

This is one of my favourite vegetarian sandwiches. Instead of chicken schnitzel we have an eggplant schnitzel with pan fried halloumi, rocket, spicy mayonnaise and tomatoes! It's so luscious and really worth making. P.S. Spoiler that link actually has 4 sandwich recipes and they're all super delicious!

5 -Cubano Sandwich

Top 5 HOT Sandwiches

A Cubano is sandwich perfection. There's ham, soft orange and citrus marinated pork, cheese and the all important pickle and home made bread! I also show you how to make your own Pan Cubano bread! This is obviously a sandwich to make on a weekend rather than a weekday but has to be experienced at least once!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite hot sandwich combo?

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