Yummy Seafood Restaurant, Beverly Hills

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills

Forget the jokes about Beverly Hills 90210 here, let's focus on the name. Yummy Seafood restaurant possessed one criteria that I was looking for: seafood. The yummy is just a bonus and let's face it, it's just a name. Although I have a small selection of good places to go to for XO chilli crab or lobster, I wanted to try somewhere new so I asked my "brother" Nick. Although he is Greek, he is the person I talk to about XO chilli crab and lobster. His job in sales and his unassailable hunger for Chinese seafood often means that he where to find it. And Yummy with its rather humorous name fit the bill.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills

It was a clearish run across town to Beverly Hills and we arrived from the city in 25 minutes. Finding a park on King Georges Road is easy enough provided you're willing to indulge in a pre and post prandial stroll. You can take your luck with Yummy's car park out the back but seeing the cars wedged in close by each other we reconsider.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills

Service at first isn't great and it's hard to get someone's attention to order but we flag down someone that seems more in charge of things. The speciality here is seafood from the tank and they have a special on pippies and crab. We order both with different sauces and noodles and three other dishes which upon reflection don't need at all.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills

My mother is hungrily snacking on the roasted, salted peanuts. At 7:30pm it is way past their dinner time at 4:30pm and we are all happy when they set down the crab and pippies soon after we order them.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills
Mud Crab with Efu noodles $67.67/kg + $12 for noodles

The mud crab comes out first on a bed of efu noodles. The sauce looks bright scarlet-a good sign that it isn't watery and we take to it with enthusiasm. My parents both nod their assent and murmur that it is good. It is indeed. The crab was much better priced than the lobster which was $176 a kilo but they assure us that the crabs are meaty. It is filling and succulent and the delicious sauce is slurped up with the noodles and we lick our lips in appreciation.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills
Pippies with vermicelli $40.32/kg plus $12 for noodles

The pippies are on special and are usually $56 a kilo but they said that if you order 800grams you can get them for $40 a kilo. It's a steal and this is a great dish. The pippies are cooked using a ginger and shallot sauce and sit on a bed of deep fried vermicelli. The edges are beautifully crisp while the centre of the noodles is doused in that rich, flavoursome sauce. We empty the sauce onto the noodles and suck the pippies out of their crevices in the shell. I think I ended up eating most of the noodles and when these two dishes were on the table, we wished we could have cancelled the rest of the dinner because they were enormous and all that we needed really.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills
Duck with Taro $28.80

I had visions of the ham siu gok dumplings at yum cha when I ordered this. It's fairly mild and bland in comparison to the other dishes and you need a lot of the salty sauce to flavour this.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills
Bean Curd stuffed with prawn paste $26.80

The bean curd topped with prawn paste fares a bit better and tofu lover Mr NQN likes this dish. It's a generous size and it is good to have vegetables in a seafood rich meal.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills
Sticky rice with Conpoy and pork $22.80

I adore sticky rice as does my mother so we were curious to try this. Mr NQN dubs this a Chinese paella and it's a sticky rice dish with plenty of char siu and Lup Cheong pork sausage, eggs, conpoy (dried scallops) and crispy noodles on top. We all really enjoy it even my father who seems to be on a single track with plain boiled rice.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills

Desserts at Chinese restaurants (except those modern ones in the city) are complimentary and they bring out a fruit plate and a sweet mung bean soup. I'm fairly full so I bypass the fruit in favour of the sweet soup, always a satisfying way to end a Chinese meal.

So tell me Dear Reader, have you ever cancelled courses in your meal because you have over ordered? Do you get food to take away if there is too much?

This meal was independently paid for.

Yummy Seafood Restaurant Beverly Hills

Yummy Seafood Restaurant

503-505 King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills NSW 2209
Phone:(02) 9580 0788
Open for dinner 7 days

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