Top 5 Mothers Day Breakfasts!

Top 5 Mothers Day Breakfasts

While Mother's Day might look a bit different this year, these 5 suggestions for Mother's Day breakfasts are simple but deliver in flavour. They will have even the most reluctant cook or kids in the kitchen cooking up a storm for mum. From delicious fruit parfaits, strudels, make ahead breakfast soufflés to cakes your mother will feel loved and appreciated with these recipes!

1 - Fig Coconut Yogurt Parfait

Top 5 Mothers Day Breakfasts

Parfaits are wonderful because they are versatile, fresh and healthy but can be made ahead using seasonal ingredients. Don't have figs? Just replace them with your mother's favourite seasonal fruit!

2 - Bacon, Cheese & Egg Strudel

Top 5 Mothers Day Breakfasts

Please excuse the ghastly photographs (I was a terrible photographer back in the day). But this bacon, egg and cheese breakfast strudel will not only please mum but everyone else in the house too! You can also use bought filo pastry instead of making your own.

3 - Strawberry Bruschetta

Top 5 Mothers Day Breakfasts

This breakfast bruschetta pairs vanilla scented, plump roasted strawberries with cream cheese for a simple breakfast. You can make the strawberries ahead of time and just spread and serve that morning!

4 - Breakfast Souffle

Top 5 Mothers Day Breakfasts

Usually soufflés have a bit of a reputation as being difficult but I promise I'm not even suggesting you do anything difficult at an early hour considering I am not a morning person. Instead, you can prep this the night before and pop it in the oven in the morning. Did I mention how delicious this is?

5 - Pear & Chocolate Breakfast Cake

Top 5 Mothers Day Breakfasts

Lastly, leave it to the Italians to create a delicious breakfast cake. This Sicilian pear and chocolate cake is all about a little bit of decadence in the morning because your mother definitely deserves a treat!

So tell me Dear Reader, what would be your pick for Mother's Day morning?

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