Top 5 Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Treats!


Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

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1 - Rose & Turkish Delight Scones

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Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

A lovely reader once came up to me and thanked me sweetly for this rose and Turkish delight scone recipe. She said that when she made it for an event, they were the most popular item on the table. These scones are scented with rosewater with chunks of Turkish delight in them. They're topped with a drizzle of pink rose icing and served with a rose crème!

2 - Spiral Sandwiches

Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

These sandwiches are so simple but rolled up in the most ingenious way (it's all about the way the bread is sliced)! They're so tasty and can be made with salmon, tuna or ham.

3 - Crab & Cucumber Sandwiches

Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

I first saw these sandwiches made at a hotel overseas and thought that it was the cleverest idea for afternoon tea! It's so easy to make these and these crab meat and cucumber sandwiches are a lovely treat for everyone!

4 - Swedish Sandwich Cake

Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

Ok I know I'm giving you a lot of sandwich suggestions but they're my favourite part of afternoon tea! This Swedish sandwich cake is such a pretty way to serve up a savoury sandwich and endlessly versatile too!

5 - Vintage Cupcakes

Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

These vintage cupcakes are SO pretty it almost hurts to bite into one! But if you have the time they're well worth making thanks to this vintage cupcake tutorial.

So tell me Dear Reader, will you be making anything this Mother's Day? Which item would you pick first?