Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes!


Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

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1 - Rhubarb Ricotta Cheesecake

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Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

I don't know if you ever that way but sometimes only a cheesecake will do. This unbaked cheesecake is beautifully light with cream cheese, ricotta and white chocolate with a full cookie crumb crust and a layer of vanilla poached rhubarb on top!

2 - Mostachon Cake

Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

If your mum loves Mexican food or you're preparing a Mexican feast then the perfect dessert is Mostachon! It's like a Mexican version of a pavlova with the added goodness of nuts and cookie crumbs and then topped with a delicious cream cheese filling and fresh, sliced strawberries.

3 - Two Toned Bundt Cake

Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

This cake is such a beauty on the inside and outside. It's a pandan and rose flavoured bundt cake with pink rose icing, slivered pistachios and rose petals!

4 - Persian Love Cake

Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

I absolutely love this Persian love cake so much and so many versions of this cake exist. My version almond and cardamom scented cake is brushed with rose syrup, layered with pastel pink rosewater buttercream and decorated with pistachios and edible roses!

5 - Strawberry and Rose Chiffon Cake

Top 5 Mother's Day Cakes

This chiffon cake is such a lovely and light cake in the prettiest pink colour. It's a rose flavoured chiffon cake with rose and strawberry whipped cream and a glittery layer of sprinkles.

So tell me Dear Reader, which cake would you most like to receive?