Top 5 Strawberry Pies!


Top 5 Strawberry Pies

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1 - Strawberry Hand Pie

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Top 5 Strawberry Pies

These cut little strawberry hand pies are one of my favourite ever recipes. They've got the most delicious buttery cream cheese pastry that is layered and flaky and a delicious strawberry filling made of fresh strawberries!

2 -Strawberry Orange Sherbet Lattice Pies

Top 5 Strawberry Pies

Did you know that strawberry and orange makes an absolutely killer combination? I mean there must be a reason why nature pairs these two fruits' seasons together. These strawberry and orange lattice pies also have a delicious demerara sugar sprinkled pastry. You will swoon!

3 -Key Lime Pie With Strawberries

Top 5 Strawberry Pies

This pie doesn't use strawberries in it but on top! On the bottom is a deliciously tangy key lime pie and on top are fresh, sliced strawberries. This gorgeous pattern looks difficult but is so easy to do!

4 -Strawberry Heart Pie

Top 5 Strawberry Pies

Look at that clean slice of pie! With this recipe there's no strawberry soup hiding in the pie and a soggy pastry bottom! Just a gorgeous strawberry pie with adorable little heart cut outs!

5 -Cindy Crawford's Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie

Top 5 Strawberry Pies

Did you even know that supermodels made pies? I saw Cindy Crawford demonstrate her strawberry and rhubarb pie recipe on Oprah years ago and I had to give it a go. It's super simple and filled with strawberry and rhubarb!

So tell me Dear Reader, have you ever made a strawberry pie? Which one of the above do you like the best?