Top 5 SPECTACULAR Fig Cakes!

Top 5 Fig Cakes

It's right at the end of fig season and all of the luscious end of summer figs are out! That means fig cake time! These five beauties celebrate this wonderful fruit with different textures and styles with homely, spectacular and stunning fig cakes!

1 - Fig & Almond Yogurt Cake

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Top 5 Fig Cakes

Heads up gluten free eaters! This is a gorgeous gluten free fig and almond cake. It's also a healthier cake as the icing is a beautifully light yogurt and honey icing for when you aren't in the mood for sweet butter frosting!

2 - Fig Love Cake

Top 5 Fig Cakes

I developed this cake as a recipe for Valentines Day. It's a flourless orange and hazelnut cake with gorgonzola dolce frosting, dripping honey and fresh figs but don't wait for a special occasion to make this- just make it for someone you love or for y!

3 - Fig Pavlova

Top 5 Fig Cakes

Who doesn't love a pavlova? This beauty of a cake is topped with fresh figs and a salted caramel and browned butter butterscotch sauce!

4 - Fig & Pomegranate Cheesecake

Top 5 Fig Cakes

Got lots of figs? Well do I have a beauty for you. It's actually a no bake cheesecake but surrounded by beautiful cut figs! While it looks complicated it really isn't I promise.

5 - Fig Pistachio Souffle Cake

Top 5 Fig Cakes

Have you ever tried making a soufflé cheesecake? They're so wobbly and delicious. This cinnamon scented soufflé cheesecake is light as a feather and paired with figs, honey and pistachios!

So tell me Dear Reader, which cake do you like the sound of the best? Do you like figs?

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