Top 5 SPECTACULAR Fig Cakes!


Top 5 Fig Cakes

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1 - Fig & Almond Yogurt Cake

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Top 5 Fig Cakes

Heads up gluten free eaters! This is a gorgeous gluten free fig and almond cake. It's also a healthier cake as the icing is a beautifully light yogurt and honey icing for when you aren't in the mood for sweet butter frosting!

2 - Fig Love Cake

Top 5 Fig Cakes

I developed this cake as a recipe for Valentines Day. It's a flourless orange and hazelnut cake with gorgonzola dolce frosting, dripping honey and fresh figs but don't wait for a special occasion to make this- just make it for someone you love or for y!

3 - Fig Pavlova

Top 5 Fig Cakes

Who doesn't love a pavlova? This beauty of a cake is topped with fresh figs and a salted caramel and browned butter butterscotch sauce!

4 - Fig & Pomegranate Cheesecake

Top 5 Fig Cakes

Got lots of figs? Well do I have a beauty for you. It's actually a no bake cheesecake but surrounded by beautiful cut figs! While it looks complicated it really isn't I promise.

5 - Fig Pistachio Souffle Cake

Top 5 Fig Cakes

Have you ever tried making a soufflé cheesecake? They're so wobbly and delicious. This cinnamon scented soufflé cheesecake is light as a feather and paired with figs, honey and pistachios!

So tell me Dear Reader, which cake do you like the sound of the best? Do you like figs?