Top 5 LUSCIOUS Fig Desserts!


Top 5 fig Desserts

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1 - Fig & Sour Cream Tart With Spelt Coconut Crust

Top 5 Fig Desserts

This tart is one of my favourites. It has a silky smooth sour cream tart made in a spelt coconut crust topped with honeyed figs and stone fruit! It's like a delicious version of the classic custard tart.

2 -Fig Leaf Ice Cream

Top 5 Fig Desserts

Figs are great but did you know that fig leaves impart a delicious flavour when you steep them in cream? I pair this treat with fresh figs of course!

3 -Fig & Labneh Tart

Top 5 Fig Desserts

Is it a cheesecake? Is it a tart? This is a bit of both although much simpler! There's a crisp buttery base, a creamy labne centre and a layer of the most luscious fresh figs!

4 -Fig Pavlova With Salted Maple Browned Butterscotch Sauce

Top 5 Fig Desserts

5 -Goats Cheese & Fig Tart

Top 5 Fig Desserts

First of all check out how bad my photos used to be! I kind of look back at them affectionately. But don't let that distract you from this delicious goat's cheese and fig tart!

So tell me Dear Reader, are you a fig fan? Which dessert would you pick first?