Top 5 Baked Slices!

Top 5 Baked Slices

Simple but classic, delicious and nostalgic, baked slices are a neverfail dessert. They're also perfect for groups, afternoon teas or morning teas! Try my top 5 slice recipes for caramel slice, pumpkin spice blondies, apple slice, apricot jam slice and coffee walnut slice!

1 - Caramel Slice

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Top 5 Baked Slices

I have to start with the big daddy of slices. Chocolate caramel slice is one of the most popular slices but they vary enormously. I promise that if you try this one, this may just be your favourite choc caramel slice ever thanks to one special ingredient! ;)

2 -Pumpkin Spice Blondies

Top 5 Baked Slices

I know, am I crazy putting up an Easter slice today? I had so many messages about this hot cross bun blondie which is really an amazingly delicious pumpkin spice blondie that I hope you'll forgive the out of season proposition and give it a go. We just won't tell anyone that you made an Easter blondie ;)

3 -Apple Slice

Top 5 Baked Slices

If I had to choose a favourite kid ahem slice it would probably be this apple slice. It's a wonderful combination of lots of apples (hello winter coming up) and sour cream and a delicious cookie base. Try it just one and I promise you'll add this to your favourites.

4 -Apricot Jam Slice

Top 5 Baked Slices

Got a sweet tooth? This apricot jam slice is for you. It has a bottom layer of vanilla cookie and coconut, then a layer of apricot jam (or your favourite jam) and then a streusel topping and flaked almonds! It's delightfully sticky and sweet.

5 -Coffee Walnut Slice

Top 5 Baked Slices

Sometimes I just get a hankering for a chocolate slice. The richer the better and this coffee walnut slice combines the richness of chocolate with coffee and walnuts. It's so rich but the sort of rich where you can't stop helping yourself to a second square.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite baked slice?

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