Top 5 Orange Cakes!


Top 5 Orange Cakes

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1 - Ciambella Orange Cake

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Top 5 Orange Cakes

I love this classic Italian Ciambella orange cake, I really do! It has the most gorgeous, soft, velvety texture to it. Ciambella means ring so it's perfect for your favourite bundt tin!

2 - Sticky Orange, Chilli & Vodka Cake

Top 5 Orange Cakes

This one is an oldie but a goodie! If you want to serve up a beautiful cake that isn't your typical orange cake then give this sticky orange, chilli and vodka cake a try!

3 - Orange Chocolate Mousse Cake

Top 5 Orange Cakes

Chocolate and orange are such a classic combination and this chocolate mousse cake is based on one I ate in a restaurant and became quite besotted with! On top are honeyed oranges which have to been eaten to be believed!

4 - Orange Coconut Syrup Cake

Top 5 Orange Cakes

This amazing orange syrup cake is moist and tangy thanks to the winning combination of orange and coconut. The orange and vanilla syrup helps keep it moist for a few days-that is, if it lasts that long! And it is frosted with a tangy orange buttercream frosting!

5 - Orange Ricotta Cake

Top 5 Orange Cakes

This is another beautiful Italian orange cake. This time we use ricotta that gives this cake an unique lightness to the texture! Seriously, this texture is amazing and you have to try it at least once!

So tell me Dear Reader, which orange cake do you like the best? Have you made any of these?