Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes!

Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes

If you celebrate Thanksgiving then check out these top 5 recipes for the Thanksgiving holidays! There's an amazing mummy turkey (seriously, it's the best way to cook a turkey!), a bacon wrapped turkey stuffed with bacon jam cornbread, the CUTEST Thanksgiving dinner rolls, and two pies that will seriously impress (one is magic and the other one is the recipe I used to make for a restaurant)!

1 - Mummy Turkey

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Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes

This Mummy Turkey is amazing and it was originally from chef Michael Symon. This turkey needs no basting whatsoever which is a sanity saving measure. The trick is to wrap the turkey in muslin or cheesecloth and then pour stock over the muslin soaking it. It means that there's no half hourly dash to baste the beast and the meat turns out superbly tender!

2 - Bacon Wrapped Turkey

Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes

Please allow me to offer you another turkey alternative. This beauty is wrapped in rashers of bacon and stuffed with bacon jam cornbread. It's crazy delicious!

3 - Pumpkin Bread Rolls

Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes

Dinner rolls are always on the table at Thanksgiving but how about these cuter than cute pumpkin dinner rolls made by wrapping string around the dough! They are filled with a savoury chilli and spring onion cream cheese filling!

4 - THE Pecan Pie

Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes

This the pecan pie I used to make for a living and I shared the recipe on my blog. It's amazing and honestly no other pecan pie comes close!

5 - Pumpkin Magic Pie

Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes

Sometimes you need a bit of magic and this comes in the form of this cake flavoured with pumpkin and pumpkin spices that then separates in the oven to two layers!

So tell me Dear Reader, how often do you cook turkey? Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving?

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