Top 5 Spectacular Turkey Recipes For Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Top 5 Turkey Recipes!

It's almost Thanksgiving and if you celebrate this holiday or are looking for Christmas turkey recipes give these spectacular turkey recipes a try! There's the big one - a bacon wrapped turkey stuffed with bacon jam cornbread and smothered in bacon jam butter. There's also a turkey porchetta, a "mummy" turkey that has to be tried at least once. If you're up for the effort there's a recipe for making a Turducken from scratch or if you're looking for something festive and simple, individual turkey and cranberry meatloaves.

1 - Bacon Wrapped Turkey Stuffed with Bacon Jam Cornbread

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Top 5 Turkey Recipes!

I wanted to make the most American thing I knew how (no shade, just enthusiasm) and this turkey was it. We stuff the turkey with a bacon jam cornbread stuffing, smother the breast with bacon jam butter and wrap the whole thing in bacon to keep the meat and skin flavourful and moist! There's no need to brine the turkey to get succulent, tender meat.

2 - Turkey Porchetta

Top 5 Turkey Recipes!

This Turkey porchetta worked like a dream and is ideal for smaller groups of around 6-8 people as it uses two turkey breasts. Ask your butcher to keep them attached but deboned with skin on and fill with herbs, salt and wrap it in prosciutto. This keeps the breast beautifully moist!

3 - Cheesecloth Wrapped "Mummy" Turkey

Top 5 Turkey Recipes!

Now stay with me, I know this sounds crazy but there's a method to this cheesecloth wrapped turkey aka Mummy Turkey. Wrapping a turkey in cheesecloth or muslin keeps it moist and yet under it, it browns beautifully without being burnt or overly cooked. This recipe has to be tried at least once!

4 - Mini Turkey & Cranberry Meatloaf

Top 5 Turkey Recipes!

These mini meatloaves are so cute and designed to be individually portioned. They're wrapped in prosciutto and glazed wtih a delicious cranberry and orange glaze. Serve with your favourite roast vegetables!

5 - Turducken

Top 5 Turkey Recipes!

A turducken is not something for those looking to make something quick and easy for Thanksgiving or Christmas, especially if you're making it by scratch and stuffing each bird (turkey, duck and chicken) into each other but it is entirely possible. Just follow these instructions to make the most memorable dinner for your guests!

So tell me Dear Reader, how often do you cook turkey? Do you cook it for Christmas or Thanksgiving?

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