Top 10 Cookies Of All Time (Part 2)

Top 5 Cookies Of All Time

This is part 2 of my favourite ever cookies and these cookies are varied but all delicious! There are Swedish butterscotch and sea salt cookies, Juliet's Florentines, classic ANZAC biscuits in both chewy and crunchy, soft molasses cookies and a spin on the palmier!

6 - Swedish Butterscotch and Sea Salt Cookies

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Top 5 Cookies Of All Time

I love a Swedish cookie and these ones are made from simple ingredients but are so wonderfully moreish you may want to have these always in your cookie jar!

7 - Juliet's Florentines

Top 5 Cookies Of All Time

Once upon a time when I was in Goolwa, South Australia we stayed at a beautiful hotel called The Australasian circa 1858 and tried the best florentines EVER. The chef there Juliet Michell was kind enough to share her precious recipe with me!

8 - Anzac Biscuits

Top 5 Cookies Of All Time

ANZAC biscuits are one of those biscuits that I love so much that I bring them as gifts for friends overseas! I've given a recipe for both crunchy and chewy ANZAC biscuits because everyone seems to have a preference.

9 - Molasses Cookies

Top 5 Cookies Of All Time

Americans are mad over molasses cookies,a cookie that you rarely see in Australia but I promise that these chewy, spicy cookies are wonderful and easy to make. They've got such an intriguing but comforting flavour!

10 - Palmiers

Top 5 Cookies Of All Time

Palmiers are one of the easiest cookies to make because you use a pre made butter puff pastry. I sometimes find palmiers a bit uninspiring but if I can immodestly boast these are the best palmiers you will ever make and try!

So tell me Dear Reader, are you a crunchy or chewy cookie person? Have you tried any of these cookies?

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