What A Zinger! Top 5 Savoury Lime Recipes


Top 5 Savoury Lime Recipes

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1 - Vietnamese Lamb Shoulder With Lime and Mint

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Top 5 Savoury Lime Recipes

This is the perfect dish for when you have a surfeit of limes and want to wow a crowd with a lamb dish. This lime and mint lamb is luscious and fresh and uses up almost a cup of fresh lime juice! It not only flavours the dish but tenderises the meat too.

2 -Three Citrus Ceviche

Top 5 Savoury Lime Recipes

I love ceviche made with straight lime but dare I say I love it even more with a bit of orange juice to balance the lime's tanginess? This three citrus ceviche might make a fan out of you too!

3 -Lime & Chilli Butter Roast Chicken

Top 5 Savoury Lime Recipes

This is one of the most popular recipes on the blog that came about by accident and just playing with flavours. It requires just 5 minutes prep too to produce one of the tastiest roast chickens ever!

4 -Crab Curry With Coconut And Lime

Top 5 Savoury Lime Recipes

Who doesn't love a creamy curry and this crab curry is made with blue swimmer crabs and a creamy coconut and tangy lime base! Perfect for that tropical vibe.

5 -5 Minute Lime & Chilli Hummus

Top 5 Savoury Lime Recipes

Who ever needs to buy hummus if you have a blender and a can of chickpeas? But try upping the flavour with the lime and chilli hummus that takes all of 5 minutes to prepare!

So tell me Dear Reader, which recipe do you like the sound of the best?