Top 5 Zingy Lemon Drinks!

Lemon drinks

It's lemon season and time to make the most of this fantastically zingy and immune boosting fruit. Drinks-wise there's more to life than just lemonade and hot honey lemon drinks. Try a homemade limoncello, a mint and lemon slushie, rose pink lemonade, a classic home-made lemonade and a refreshingly dry strawberry lemonade! Whether you're in summer or winter, we've got you covered!

1 - Homemade Limoncello

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Lemon drinks

Homemade limoncello is one of the best use of lemons. All you need to start with are four ingredients: lemon peel, vodka, water and sugar. And time! Your patience will be rewarded with this beautiful limoncello which is an old Italian family recipe.

2 - Limonana Mint Lemon Slushie

Lemon drinks

Limonana is a Middle Eastern mint and lemon slushie that is just about the most delicious and natural version of a slushie! It's also super easy to make which adds to its appeal.

3 - Rose Pink Lemonade

Lemon drinks

I hope you'll give this rose lemonade a try. The flavour of rose and lemon go so beautifully together and it uses up a whole cup of lemon juice!

4 - Homemade Lemonade

Lemon drinks

Ahh the classic homemade lemonade. My version uses some of the zest in the base to give it an extra boost of zesty flavour!

5 - Strawberry Lemonade

Lemon drinks

If you like your drinks a bit drier and less sweet then you'll love this strawberry lemonade. Naturally sweetened with strawberries with a drier finish it's perfect to knock back without sending you into a sugar spiral!

So tell me Dear Reader, which lemon drink do you like the sound of the best?

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