Top 5 Recipes To Use Up Lots of Lemons!

Recipes To Use Up Lots of Lemons

Looking for creative ways to use up those abundant lemons? Look no further! From zesty Lemon Jam to the smoothest homemade Limoncello, and the irresistible tang of Lemon Curd, we've got you covered. Try a new spin on lemon curd with chicken (seriously delicious!) or rose lemonade that just requires a bit of stirring. Whether you're craving something sweet or savoury, these recipes are sure to brighten up your day and your kitchen!

1 - Classic Lemon Jam

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Recipes To Use Up Lots of Lemons

If you have an excess of lemons, try making Lemon Jam. This recipe is a wonderful way to use up your lemons, utilising both the zest and pulp after lightly squeezing out the juice. This is wonderful with either sweet or savoury recipes!

2 - Limoncello

Recipes To Use Up Lots of Lemons

If you love limoncello but have never made it, you're in for a treat. Homemade limoncello is incredibly simple to prepare, requiring just a few ingredients. This cherished Italian recipe ensures the smoothest limoncello you'll ever taste - it's a must-try Dear Reader!

3 - Lemon Curd

Recipes To Use Up Lots of Lemons

If you have an oversupply of lemons and want to make lemon curd, I have the perfect recipe for you. Based on your feedback, I would dare to say it is the best lemon curd ever. Give it a try and you'll see why it's so beloved!

4 - Rose Lemonade

Recipes To Use Up Lots of Lemons

This rose lemonade is delightfully simple yet stunning offering a subtle rose flavour paired with the sweet tang of home-made lemonade. And the best part? No cooking required, just a little stirring!

5 - Lemon Curd Chicken With Lemon Potatoes

Recipes To Use Up Lots of Lemons

Introducing the mouthwatering Lemon Curd Roast Chicken! This savory delight combines lemon curd, garlic, herbs, and mustard for a delicious twist on traditional roast chicken that is roasted atop lemon potatoes. It's a convenient one-pan meal with a side of tangy lemony couscous!

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