Top 5 Fresh Marshmallow Recipes!

Top 5 Fresh Marshmallow Recipes

There's nothing more deliciously sweet than freshly made marshmallows and they're easier to make than one would think (ngl the idea used to scare me!). Start with fresh raspberry marshmallows made using real raspberries or Rose & Champagne marshmallows, then try your hand at classic choc mallow biscuits. After that it's a cinch to make my very favourite peanut butter and marshmallow puffs or an amazing giant Wagon Wheel Cake filled with fresh raspberry marshmallow! If you've got a couple of egg whites hanging around in your fridge, give fresh marshmallows a try!

1 - Fresh Raspberry Marshmallows

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Top 5 Fresh Marshmallow Recipes

I'm starting with the recipe that made me fall in love with making fresh marshmallows. These raspberry marshmallows are made using real raspberries and have the most delightful flavour and bouncy texture to them!

2 - Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

Top 5 Fresh Marshmallow Recipes

These are a take on the classic chocolate marshmallow cookie but made with fresh marshmallow and good quality chocolate and freshly baked butter cookies made as little hearts!

3 - Peanut Butter Marshmallow Puffs

Top 5 Fresh Marshmallow Recipes

These are literally some of my favourite ever things to eat. They combine fresh marshmallow, chocolate, crunchy peanuts and cookies with peanut butter! I give you this recipe with a warning: they are highly addictive so don't say you weren't warned!

4 - Rose & Champagne Marshmallows

Top 5 Fresh Marshmallow Recipes

We're back to making fresh marshmallow squares here and these marshmallows use rose water and real champagne (you can use prosecco too) to create a beautiful and very special marshmallow flavour!

5 - Wagon Wheel Cake

Top 5 Fresh Marshmallow Recipes

Wagon Wheels are one of those childhood treats that when you revisit them perhaps don't quite taste as good as they used to but when you make a giant Wagon Wheel cake then I think your best childhood memories will come flooding back. It starts with butter cookie sandwiched with fresh raspberry marshmallow filling with raspberry jam. The whole cake is smothered in milk chocolate and then decorated with dark chocolate drips, berries and chocolates!

So tell me Dear Reader, have you ever made fresh marshmallows? Which one do you like the best?

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