Top 5 Christmas Showstopper Cakes!


Top 5 Christmas Showstopper Cakes

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1 - Christmas Tree Pavlova

Top 5 Christmas Showstopper Cakes

This Christmas tree pavlova is an often copied recipe. It's as spectacular as it is practical and tasty. Simply lift off the pavlova size that you want!

2 -Tiramisu Yule Log

Top 5 Christmas Showstopper Cakes

This cake is as delicious as it is cute. The tiramisu yule log combines two of your favourite Christmas desserts in one!

3 -Chocolate Pomegranate Cake

Top 5 Christmas Showstopper Cakes

I love this chocolate mousse pomegranate cake not only because it can be made the day ahead but it also looks so festive and if you don't have time for elaborate decorations, this supplies the festive in the easiest way!

4 -Cherry Chocolate Fruit Cake

Top 5 Christmas Showstopper Cakes

Fruit cake is either a love or hate item. Mr NQN and I love it but the rest of my family hates it. Every year he asks for a fruit cake from me and this one makes use of seasonal Australian cherries!

5 -Macaron Christmas Tree

Top 5 Christmas Showstopper Cakes

This macaron Christmas tree cake is layers of macarons sandwiched with a vanilla buttercream! And don't worry this macaron recipe is foolproof and turns out perfect macarons without fail. Another bonus is that this cake is best made a few days ahead of time and can be kept in the fridge or freezer for 2 weeks so dessert can be taken care of ahead of time!

So tell me Dear Reader, are you making a Christmas centrepiece cake this year? What is it going to be?