Top 5 Traditional European Easter Recipes

Top 5 Traditional European Easter Recipes

It's time to delve into some traditional European Easter recipes! There's a historic Simnel Cake symbolizing medieval traditions or the delightful Tsoureki Easter Bread with a heavenly blend of mahlepi, orange, and cardamom. You can enjoy a quick and delectable Italian dish of Sciusceddu meatball broken egg soup or try the unique donut-shaped Casatiello bread filled with salami, ham and cheese. Or try the Torta Pasqualina, a perfect Easter pie best made the day before!

1 - Simnel Cake

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Top 5 Traditional European Easter Recipes

We are starting with Simnel cake that has roots dating back to Medieval Times. This is a fruit cake featuring three layers of marzipan. Originally associated with Mothering Sunday, it symbolised a creation by servant girls for their mothers. Adorned with eleven or twelve marzipan balls representing the apostles, this historical treat is most commonly associated with Easter.

2 - Tsoureki Easter Bread

Top 5 Traditional European Easter Recipes

Tsoureki is the Greek Easter bread and is a true treat! Infused with the scents of mahlepi, orange and cardamom, it boasts a light and buttery texture. Following this method ensures your tsoureki stays fresh for days!

3 - Sciusceddu Italian Meatball Broken Egg Soup

Top 5 Traditional European Easter Recipes

Sciusceddu is a festive Italian meatball soup that features the most delicate and tender meatballs in a comforting creamy egg broth. Ready in just about 20 minutes this dish is not only delicious but also quick and easy.

4 - Casatiello Cheese Bread

Top 5 Traditional European Easter Recipes

Castatiello is an Italian Easter bread from Naples. It is a unique donut-shaped treat eaten during the Easter season. This leavened bread is filled with a delicious mix of salami, ham and cheese. Topped with whole eggs sporting dough crosses it holds symbolic significance.

5 - Torta Pasqualina

Top 5 Traditional European Easter Recipes

Torta Pasqualina is a tasty Italian pie with spinach or chard and ricotta and is perfect for Easter. It's like a layered pastry filled with cooked greens, ricotta cheese and whole eggs. And it's even better when you make it the day before!

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