Top 5 Easter Long Weekend Recipes!

Top 5 Easter Long Weekend Recipes

It's a glorious 4 day Easter long weekend and what better way to celebrate than to make some delicious Easter food! Here are recipes for classic hot cross buns, an Italian egg drop soup, Greek tsoureki bread to two recipes to use up leftover HCBs or chocolate!

1 - Classic Bakery Style Hot Cross Buns

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Top 5 Easter Long Weekend Recipes

It's not Easter in the Elliott household without a batch of hot cross buns. Every year I make a new flavour but the classic always prevails (and really it's my favourite too). If there is one thing I want to convince you of, it's to try tangzhong roux which softens your buns considerably and helps them stay fresher for longer yet it takes all of 5 minutes. If this doesn't convince you, how about rum soaked raisins?

2 - Sciusceddu Italian Meatball Broken Egg Soup

Top 5 Easter Long Weekend Recipes

Sciusceddu originally comes from Messina in Southern Italy and is served during Easter. It is a simple but glorious combination of broth, mince, eggs and caciocavallo which is a teardrop shaped cow or sheep's milk cheese (parmesan or pecorino does quite nicely in its place). Comfort food at its best!

3 - Tsoureki Greek Easter Bread

Top 5 Easter Long Weekend Recipes

I've wanted to make tsoureki for years and I have to say that it is very much worth the effort. Tsoureki or Greek Easter bread is such a delicious treat with aromatic mahlepi, orange and cardamom with a light, buttery texture. Plus you know I used tangzhong for this to make it super soft, light and long lasting!

4 - Easter Egg Brownies

Top 5 Easter Long Weekend Recipes

Ok so I've got two leftover Easter egg recipes for you. I know, everyone says "What are leftover Easter eggs?". Maybe I'm the only one that sometimes has excess eggs but sometimes you get eggs that are novelty ones and don't taste as great and maybe you want to give them a better send off. And this first one is for if you have some leftover eggs (rescue eggs!), you can give them the best second life possible: Easter egg brownies! You're welcome ;)

5 - Hot Cross Bun & Easter Egg Pudding

Top 5 Easter Long Weekend Recipes

The last recipe is for leftover hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. This is a bread and butter pudding with hot cross buns at the base. It is so good that I even wanted to make more hot cross buns just so that I could eat this again!

So tell me Dear Reader, what are you doing over Easter and what are you eating? Do you have leftover Easter eggs or HCBs?

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