Electric Bean, North Sydney

Electric Bean - North Sydney

Campos Coffee is apparently the current coffee of note. Chefs and patrons alike are recommending it in droves and I had heard that one of the best places to have it was at a place called Electric Bean in North Sydney. I'll say one thing for them, it takes guts to open up a place within steps of the omnipresent coffee chain monolith Gloria Jeans although I admit I don't know who was first.

Electric Bean - North Sydney

Electric Bean - North Sydney

There aren't a lot of sandwiches on offer and we're really more interested in the coffee than anything else. They are known for their large selection of chocolates, priced either per chocolate ($1.45) or by weight. Some of them look familiar to what you'd find from Belle Fleur and Colefax from David Jones (Champagne Cork and some of the truffles) but some I haven't seen before including the delectable looking Pistachio. A query to the staff to ask where they are made produces a "In Surry Hills" which may mean that they make them themselves. A check of their website says that they are made of Swiss chocolate and Belle Fleur and Colefax use Belgian so perhaps they are made by a different company.

Electric Bean - North Sydney

Lulu makes a selection to take home to her husband and we order drinks. We notice that the cakes are by La Renaissance (although some look to have suffered a bit in the transporting phase) and Ice cream is by Serendipity. I would've ordered both if it weren't for the fact that I had just eaten a rather large meal.

Electric Bean - North Sydney

My cappucino arrives and its glorious looking with shavings of Swiss dark chocolate on top. Its a very rich syrupy coffee, quite different to others I have tried and the dark chocolate shavings contribute to its distinct, intense flavour. The rich aroma and taste and care taken with it is evident.

Electric Bean - North Sydney

Lulu's Mango frothy and slightly overflowing smoothie arrives and its rather tall but when I ask her whether it has a real mango flavour she says that that its probably syrup but I suppose you really come here for the coffee.

Lulu can't of course being 9 months pregnant and ready to rush to the hospital any day now! And of course I'm already planning the cupcakes for this event....

Electric Bean - North Sydney

Electric Bean

Lower Ground, 90 Mount Street,

North Sydney 2060

Tel/Fax 02 9956 7703

Monday- Friday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm


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