The Bather's Kiosk at Balmoral Beach


The Bather’s Kiosk at Balmoral Beach

The Bather’s Kiosk at Balmoral Beach Blood Orange gelato

Its hard choosing, the savoury filled baguettes look good ($8.50) and the heated tray with quiches and pies smell enticing but I've had lunch already so I am deciding on a sweet. I've had the chocolate mousse ($3.50) before and knew that I had to repeat the experience so that is popped into my collection. I spy some small blueberry cakes, like friands, with 4 for $1 so that's an obvious choice. Rounding off my purchases, I go to the ice chest and select some Blood Orange Gelato ($3.50) from their many flavours available. I love Blood Orange when its sweet and I know that it will be gorgeous here. There's also all sorts of chips, pretzels, croissants, coffee, salads and pastries as well as lollies and sherbert pops and a cherry clafoutis that I am eyeing but reluctantly put back. There's also beach towels and sunscreen and newspapers. A kid's and adult's beachside dream really.

The Bather’s Kiosk at Balmoral Beach Blood Orange gelato

_Blood Orange Gelato $3.50 _

Driving up to Bradley's Head, we lay out the picnic blanket and try our bounty. The blood orange gelato is first, as its melting and one wooden spoon in and I know I've made the right choice. Perfectly sweet, not overpoweringly so, the true blood orange flavouring comes through in this fine textured gelato. This is nothing short of superbly refreshing and quenching. If I were on the beach, there is no question that I would've bought another.

The Bather’s Kiosk at Balmoral Beach Blueberry cake

_Small blueberry cakes, 4 for $1 _

The little blueberry cakes are next. I assume these are what the restaurant use as their petit fours. They're lovely and eggy, rich and flecked with hazelnut meal. Some of the tiny cakes have 2 blueberries, some 1, with some exploded. Nevertheless, they still taste fabulous.

The Bather’s Kiosk at Balmoral Beach Chocolate Mousse

Last but not least is the richer than rich chocolate mousse. I'd had this a year earlier and surprisingly, the price hasn't changed which is a pleasant surprise. What has changed is the chocolate balls on top, which used to be crispy and crunchy malted chocolate balls, like teeny tiny maltesers. Now they are soggy and relatively flavourless. Bring back the original balls! The mousse however remains the same. Gorgeously, richly and decadently chocolatey which a moist mud-ish centre. Its the kind of dessert that you loathe to share but almost have to because of its richness.

The Bather’s Kiosk at Balmoral Beach Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse $3.50

I know I'll have to come back, just in the name of research and all...

The Bather's Kiosk

2b The Esplanade

Balmoral 2088 NSW

Phone: +61 (02) 9968 4961

Open: 7am-6pm 7 days

Cards accepted

The view from Bradley’s Head