NQN's Banana Bread Bakeoff Event!

NQN’s Banana Bread bakeoff event!


I was given this fantastic idea by airyfairy, she of the lovely cupcake site who suggested, after making 4 banana breads that it was time to do my first NQN event. I know, from everyone's comments and from speaking to friends, that everyone has a fabulous banana bread recipe. In Australia, now is the best time to have bananas as they're plentiful and cheap (anything is cheap compared to what we experienced a while back) and worldwide, bananas are an ingredient that are relatively easy to get a hold of. I just ask that you bake a Banana bread and one without frosting or elaborate decorations as once we get into cakes and frostings and decorations, it ends up less of a bread and more of a cake.

The rules are simple and you don't even need a food blog, just bananas! :)

Step 1 - Bake your banana bread and write it up on your blog with a picture.

Step 2 - email me at: info[at]notquitenigella[dot] com and include your name, blog name, blog URL and URL for the Banana Bread post. *Please do not forget to email me, otherwise your entry may not be included as I won't know about it!*

Step 3 - Link back here to this story (and feel free to use the image on your blog)

Step 4 - I will reply to all entries so if you don't hear back from me within 48 hours, please email me again.

If you don't have a blog that's fine, just send me your name, location, a picture and recipe. You can enter as many times as you'd like too-I know what it's like when you have a kilo of ripening bananas and all you can think of is banana bread!

Banana bread bake off!

And since I think that good work should be rewarded, the prize for the best Banana Bread is a DIY cupcake set that I've put together featuring 25 mini pleated souffle cups (like the ones I used here), 12 royal icing flowers, a cake tester and sprinkles. Shipped to anywhere in the world!

Entries are due in just over a month on May 12th (midnight, Australian Eastern Standard Time)!

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