Sentosa at Crows Nest

Sentosa at Crows Nest

This restaurant has now closed

Somehow I missed the bulletin that told me that finding a parking spot on a Saturday night in Crows Nest almost rivals finding one in Darlinghurst. Its a warm Saturday night and the last thing I feel like doing is cooking so we've decided on somewhere local-ish to try. Little do we realise that Crows Nest is in full swing, with every restaurant and cafe full of patrons. Sentosa is a Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant with a well loved Singaporean Chef in "Willy" (complete with mustachioed picture of him in the menu). We're not particularly hungry tonight, more peckish so its two mains for us. Service is friendly, and we don't have to wait long before they take our order. Alas, we tried to order the Laksa but they have just run out.

Sentosa at Crows Nest-Beef rendang

Our Beef Rendang ($17.90) arrives first, a fairly decent sized serving, aromatic of coconut. The beef is soft although not as fall apart soft as I've had and its gravy is rich in coconut, specifically dessicated coconut. If anything it needs lemongrass and ginger and the requisite spices. Here, while its very tasty and heady with coconut, it lacks the other dimension that the other spices and flavours give it. Heat wise, it is fairly hot but the coconut tempers this somewhat.

Sentosa at Crows Nest Chicken Sambal

Our Sambal chicken ($19.80) arrives, colourful with chili and snowpeas. This is delicious, we both adore the sambal, a flavoursome mix of salty dried prawns, chili and a range of spices and flavours. The chicken breast is tender and small bite sized and the snowpeas give just the right amount of crunch. Indeed I could probably just order the Snowpea sambal happily for myself.

I am looking forward to dessert as I had heard that they do a good Gula Melaka (sago pearls in palm sugar and pandan syrup) but apparently desserts aside from plain ice cream are no longer served here which is a disappointment as I had saved some stomach room for this. We are given the complimentary orange slices and hot hand towels. Oh how I love these hand towels and wish every place gave you one. We are refreshed and well fed, ready for the long walk to the car.

Sentosa at Crows Nest


This restaurant has now closed

48 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest

Tel: +61 (02) 9438 5526

Lunch until 3pm, dinner 6 - 10pm. Closed Sundays.

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